Foodwatch Lemonade Test: These are the worst liquid thickeners

Foodwatch Lemonade Test: These are the worst liquid thickeners

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Foodwatch consumer organization: Soft drinks in the sugar test
Especially in summer, many people use soft drinks. But be careful! The colorful drinks are usually real fattening foods. The experts from the consumer protection organization “Foodwatch” took a closer look at the drinks. As a result, the limos and supposed thirst quenchers had a lot of sugar and was therefore extremely unhealthy.

High sugar consumption is harmful to health
Obesity, diabetes, tooth decay: A high consumption of sweet soft drinks carries a lot of health risks. Health experts always come up with the advice: avoid excessive sugar consumption. If consumed frequently, the sweetener can lead to enormous health problems such as tooth decay, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. Sugar is often consumed in large quantities via sweet lemonades. Such soft drinks are often the cause of obesity. The consumer organization Foodwatch has now tested 500 soft drinks for everything from energy drinks to juice spritzers.

A lot of sweet drinks in Germany
“Germany is one of the countries with the highest per capita consumption of sweetened drinks. With fatal consequences: just one can a day increases the risk of being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes or even heart attacks. Obesity alone results in costs of around 63 billion euros per year in Germany, ”the experts write in a message that invited to a press conference at which the Foodwatch market study:“ So soft drinks are so sweet in Germany "Is presented.

500 products tested
According to its own statements, the consumer organization has examined the German market for so-called soft drinks for their sugar content for the first time. Almost 500 products were tested - from lemonades and energy drinks to juice spritzers.

Newspapers, which had the results of the study in advance, reported that a total of 274 out of 463 drinks contained too much sugar. A share of five percent sugar was defined as "too much". That's about four cubes of sugar per 250 milliliter glass.

Recommendations for action for politics
Foodwatch had announced that it would bring in "Policy Recommendations" at the press conference to be held in Berlin on Wednesday. In the UK, the government announced a tax in mid-March for companies that manufacture or import sugary soft drinks.

According to the information, two stages are planned; one for drinks from five grams of sugar per 100 milliliters and one for more than eight grams. The companies are to be given a period of two years before the start in order to reduce the sugar content of products.

Sugar tax disagreement
In this country too, there are experts in state intervention. For example, the German Diabetes Society had spoken out in favor of a sugar-fat tax. Various health insurance companies and members of the black-red coalition have also expressed their support. The German government wants to deal with a law on prevention after the summer break.

Federal Food Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) had spoken out in March against an extra tax on sugary drinks. A majority of Germans also reject the sugar tax, as a study showed. And the chairwoman of the Food, Beverage and Catering Union (NGG), Manuela Rosenberger, recently said in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ): “A tax is the wrong way to influence the eating habits of the population take. "(ad)

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