Be sure to refresh the tetanus vaccination after ten years

Be sure to refresh the tetanus vaccination after ten years

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Rigid seizure: Refresh tetanus vaccination every ten years
Tetanus is dangerous: even minor injuries can trigger this infectious disease, which damages the muscle-controlling nerve cells and can possibly be life-threatening. Experts recommend regular vaccination updates.

Even minor injuries can be dangerous
Tetanus is a bacterial infectious disease that is common worldwide. If the pathogens get into the body, they can trigger the life-threatening tetanus. The spores of the bacteria can be found in the soil, street dirt and in the intestinal secretions of some ruminants. Even minor injuries, such as small splinters or gardening, can lead to tetanus.

Disease can be life-threatening
"Infection occurs through the penetration of bacteria spores through wounds into the body if there is no vaccination protection at the same time," explains Dr. Frank Bergmann from the Professional Association of German Neurologists (BVDN) based in Krefeld on the information portal "Neurologists and Psychiatrists on the Net".

“In the absence of oxygen, the bacteria multiply and secrete toxins. These toxins damage the muscle-controlling nerve cells or the heart, and the disease can possibly be life-threatening, ”said the doctor.

Renew vaccination protection every ten years
According to the information, the incubation period lasts between three days and three weeks and in rare cases can even last several months. "The main symptoms of tetanus are muscle cramps, which occur with pain and stiffness on average about eight days after the infection," explains Dr. Miner.

The only way to prevent this infectious disease is by tetanus vaccination, which is recommended by the Standing Vaccination Committee (STIKO) for all infants, children and adolescents, as well as for all adults. The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs. After surviving a disease you are not immune to tetanus. Adults should renew their vaccination coverage every ten years. (ad)

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