Old home remedies? Does baking powder work against existing tooth discoloration?

Old home remedies? Does baking powder work against existing tooth discoloration?

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Unsightly tooth discoloration: Do home remedies like baking soda help?
Teeth can rarely be kept naturally white. Your teeth will stain if you enjoy red wine, coffee, tea or cigarettes. Some then try to use special toothpastes to combat tooth discoloration. Others rely on home remedies such as baking soda. But does that really help?

Wish teeth should be white like snow
According to the wishes of many people, the teeth should best be white as snow. Unfortunately, the reality is often different: red wine, cigarettes or tea stain the teeth. So-called whitening toothpastes are said to whiten teeth by removing such deposits, but according to some experts, this ultimately increases the re-staining effect. But what helps for a nice white smile?

Do home remedies help against tooth discoloration?
Some internet guides recommend trying baking soda, cigar ash or lemon juice against stained teeth. What is the point of such tips? In a report by the “Kölnische Rundschau”, the dentist practicing at Carree Dental in Cologne said Dr. Jochen Schmidt: "These home remedies are anything but optimal natural bleaching agents."

According to the implantologist, the acids and emery substances contained cause “the opposite of the desired effect”. He warned: "They destroy the enamel and let the underlying dentine shine through more and more."

Take good care of your teeth every day
In order to have radiantly beautiful teeth, you have to take good care of them every day. "Regular brushing provides the best protection against tooth decay and ugly stains," says Dr. Schmidt. The right technology is also very important. According to dentists, shaking and painting is particularly useful.

Nicotine, caffeine and red wine should be consumed in moderation, if at all. "Otherwise, these luxury foods will sooner or later lead to unsightly deposits of dyes on the tooth surface," explained the doctor. Since sticky foods such as honey, chocolate snacks or bananas additionally accelerate plaque formation, it should also be used less frequently.

No whitening toothpastes on exposed tooth necks
Thanks to the active ingredient titanium dioxide, special toothpastes can whiten tooth surfaces when coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco have left their mark, but some products rub the tooth enamel strongly and should therefore not be used daily. It is best to ask the dentist for advice beforehand. "If the teeth are yellowish by nature, whitening toothpastes hardly have any effect," explained Dr. They should never be used with exposed tooth necks.

The basic color of the teeth is inherited
If the discoloration has deposited in the tooth enamel, bleaching is often the only thing that will help, according to the expert: "With this method, chemical oxidation changes the color pigments in the tooth enamel so much that the teeth then appear bright and clean," says the dentist. However, the basic color of the teeth is hereditary and, in addition, the enamel becomes thinner over the course of life, so that the underlying dentin shines through darker and darker. Thorough brushing of teeth and whitening don't help.

In some cases, veneers can help. These so-called veneers are ceramic shells that are glued to the tooth. To do this, the tooth has to be sanded down a little beforehand, then the veneer will bleach discolored areas.

"Home" or "power whitening"
Bleaching differentiates between different forms. In so-called "home bleaching", the dentist creates a bleaching tray made of plastic, which is filled with a whitening gel. This is worn by the patient at home for a few hours every day.

In the case of “power or in-office whitening”, on the other hand, the dentist uses preparations in a much higher concentration, according to the report. This procedure is therefore only used in the dental practice. Although there are various products for teeth whitening at home in pharmacies and drugstores, their effectiveness is significantly reduced due to the reduced concentration of the bleach. (ad)

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