Heart attack: Regular coffee consumption protects against severe heart damage

Heart attack: Regular coffee consumption protects against severe heart damage

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Coffee protects against the fatal consequences of a heart attack
Many people around the world like to have coffee in the morning. This wakes you up and gives you a good start to the day. Drinking coffee seems to have other positive effects on our life and health. Researchers have now found that consuming just one or two cups of coffee a day can protect us from the fatal consequences of a heart attack.

York University researchers found that people who drink coffee are better protected from the fatal effects of heart attacks. Consuming coffee significantly reduces our risk of premature heart damage and death from a heart attack. With just one or two cups of coffee a day, our risk of a fatal heart attack drops by around twenty percent. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Coronary Artery Disease".

Coffee protects against the fatal consequences of a heart attack and reduces the risk of colon cancer
People who like to drink some coffee every day protect themselves from the fatal consequences of a heart attack. Even drinking coffee in small quantities (maximum two cups) reduces our risk of dying from the consequences of a heart attack by up to 20 percent. The results of the researchers from York University show that coffee can actually have a protective effect on our hearts if the hot drink is consumed in moderation. A study previously showed that coffee, for example, can reduce our risk of colon cancer.

Other positive effects of coffee on human health
In the past, some medical professionals were convinced that coffee could harm our hearts. However, today's research results tend to suggest the opposite, say the doctors. Coffee appears to be able to protect us from the fatal effects of heart attacks, the experts add. So coffee not only wakes you up, but the hot drink also has other positive effects on our health. For example, coffee is also said to protect against liver cancer, Alzheimer's disease and strokes. Some time ago, doctors also found that coffee stimulates the human intestinal flora.

Coffee is much healthier than most people think
Last year, experts from the renowned Harvard School of Public Health in Boston found that three to five cups of coffee a day reduce our risk of death from heart disease. The scientists also said that the same amount of coffee also protects against incurable diseases such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. The available studies show that coffee is healthier than most people think.

Coffee protects people who have already had a heart attack
The British team at York University has found that coffee can help people who have previously had a heart attack. This group of patients has an increased risk of experiencing a new heart attack, and the scar on the heart muscle can cause heart failure.

Study examines over 3,700 subjects with heart attacks
The team examined 3,721 heart attack victims in the UK. Among the subjects were 604 people who had survived a heart attack but then died of the long-term consequences of their illness. All patients had taken part in a study that examined the lifestyle and also the coffee drinking habits of the test subjects, the researchers explain.

Even a little coffee a day can lead to great health benefits
When people drink a lot of coffee (two or more cups) a day, it is most unlikely to die from the effects of a heart attack. But so-called light coffee drinkers (one or a maximum of two cups a day) already showed a much lower risk of premature death from heart disease, the authors of the study say.

Heart disease kills many people every year
Heart disease and its consequences are one of the leading causes of death in the UK. Experts estimate that more than a million men and about half a million women live with the consequences of a heart attack. In Britain, someone on average suffers a heart attack every seven minutes, the doctors explain.

Coffee contains many biologically active ingredients
While it is still not entirely clear why coffee protects our hearts, coffee beans contain a number of potentially useful ingredients in addition to caffeine, the scientists explain. These include health-promoting substances such as the so-called flavonoids. Coffee also contains special compounds called melanoidins. These reduce the build-up of fat deposits. Some other findings suggest that coffee also improves the health of the blood vessels in the body. There are many biologically active ingredients in coffee, the effects of which have not yet been conclusively explained, the authors from York University.

After a heart attack, coffee can protect you from fatal complications
The researchers suggest that people who have had a heart attack should drink coffee to reduce their risk of premature death. However, more research is needed to understand why coffee has a protective effect on our hearts. (as)

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