Genetic inheritance disorders: 4-year-old child appears like an 80-year-old man

Genetic inheritance disorders: 4-year-old child appears like an 80-year-old man

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Doctors uncertain: Fast aging four year old should be helped
Doctors in Bangladesh are unsure how to help a boy who looks fourty years old when he is four. Some doctors assume that the four-year-old suffers from progeria, a very rare, incurable hereditary disease. Others suspect that the boy's condition is the result of inbreeding.

Four year old looks like 80 year old
In South Asian Bangladesh, doctors are puzzling over the rare illness of a boy who, at the age of four, looks like an 80-year-old old man. According to media reports, Bayezid Hossain not only has “too much” skin that hangs limply on his small body, but also complaints that usually only appear at an advanced age. Among other things, the boy suffers from vision, hearing and heart problems.

Doctors don't know what to do
As the British “Mirror” reports, the parents were desperate after the birth of their son: “I was scared when I saw him. He was just meat and bones. He looked like an alien, it was heartbreaking for me, ”said Mother Tripti. However, the doctors said they had never seen a baby like this before, and told the parents that there was nothing they could do.

Boy is extremely intelligent
The young parents initially found little support in their small home village. But over time, the residents have got used to his presence and now call him the "old man". The 18-year-old mother, who was only 14 when her son was born, said: "He doesn't look like other children", but "I'm proud of him. He is extremely intelligent compared to other children his age. ”

Doctors want to examine the boy
Meanwhile, doctors at the university clinic in the capital Dhaka have agreed to examine and treat the son of the poor farming family free of charge. For father Lablu Shikdar, the clinic is "the last hope". He said: “We sold our land to have it treated in our hospitals. We brought him to healers, shamans and herbalists, but nothing helped. ”

Rare incurable hereditary disease
In the provincial clinics, doctors assume that Bayezid suffers from Progeria (“Progeria infantilis), a very rare, incurable hereditary disease. According to the Progeria Research Foundation, there are only 124 cases worldwide. According to the internet platform “”, premature aging causes illnesses that usually only develop in old age. A toddler progeria called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) usually appears in the first year of life.

Affected people usually die very young
According to the experts, the aging process at HGPS is five to ten times faster than that of healthy people. The average life expectancy of the so-called “old age children” is only 13 years. A heart attack or stroke is usually the cause of death.

Inspiration for a film
Last year, the world became aware of the disease when 17-year-old Hayley Okines from England died. The girl suffered from progeria and was an "old woman" from an early age. The disease is also said to have inspired the makers of the film "The Strange Case of Benjamin Button". Brad Pitt is born an old man and is getting younger and younger.

Inbreeding may be responsible for the boy's condition
It is currently still unclear whether Progerie is really the cause of the small Bayezid. Doctors in Dhaka point out significant differences in Bayezid's medical history. They rather suspect that the condition of the four-year-old could be a result of inbreeding, since marriages between close family members are still common in the rural areas of Bangladesh. (ad)

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