Kiwi berry: healthy, sweet and tasty

Kiwi berry: healthy, sweet and tasty

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Kiwi berry: the kiwi's little sister
(aid) - New bizarre fruits keep coming onto the market. Do you already know the kiwi's little sister? The kiwi berry resembles a gooseberry in appearance and is colored red or green. The fruit is even sweeter than the kiwi and can go straight from hand to mouth. Since the thin, hairless shell is edible, tedious peeling or slicing and spooning are no longer necessary. If you like, you can also enjoy the juicy flesh as a jam, green groats, sorbet or in a smoothie. The taste can be described as a mixture of strawberry and fig.

The kiwi berry (Actinidia arguta) has many names such as kiwai, kokuwa, small-fruity kiwi or mini-kiwi. It belongs to the ray pen family and is native to eastern Asia from Japan to Siberia. Today the fruit is also grown in European countries such as France, Italy, Portugal and to a small extent in Germany.
The oval to round kiwi berry weighs 5 to 20 g and is therefore much smaller than its sister (90 to 110 g).

Cut open, it reminds of an ordinary kiwi with the white core and black seeds in the typical line pattern. The inner values ​​are also worth mentioning: the vitamin C content (63 to 123 mg per 100 g) is higher than that of lemons (53 mg per 100 g). They are also rich in vitamin E, folic acid and minerals such as calcium and potassium.
In Germany, kiwi berries can be found in the weekly market and in well-stocked supermarkets from mid-August. In recent years, the demand and with it the supply has increased. The exotic can also be easily cultivated in your own garden. It is adapted to low temperatures and therefore copes well with our climate. In addition, the plant is hardly susceptible to diseases and pests. Since the kiwi berry grows compactly, it can also be grown in large flower pots on the balcony or terrace. As a climbing plant, it needs a suitable climbing aid. The first fruits are expected from the third year. Heike Kreutz, aid

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