Older couple: 63-year-old Australian became mother - The father is already 78 years old

Older couple: 63-year-old Australian became mother - The father is already 78 years old

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Australia's oldest mother: Born at 63 years old
The average age of mothers continues to rise, but what is reported from Australia is very unusual. A 63-year-old gave birth there - her partner is 78 years old. According to experts, artificial insemination at this age is "irresponsible".

63-year-old Australian gives birth to a baby
According to media reports, a 63-year-old Australian gave birth to a child after artificial insemination. The woman from Tasmania is said to have delivered her baby by caesarean section in a clinic in Melbourne. She is the oldest woman in the country who has ever had a child. The girl is said to have been born about eight weeks before the birth date. The woman's partner was 78 and was present at birth. The artificial insemination probably took place abroad.

Experts speak of "irresponsible" behavior
Experts were horrified by the reports. Professor Dr. Gab Kovacs of Monash University in Melbourne told newspapers that natural age for pregnancy ends around the age of 53 and that doctors are “irresponsible” afterwards to help with artificial insemination. "Our bodies weren't developed to have children in our 60s," said Dr. Kovacs. He does not believe that there are medical professionals in Australia "who would treat someone this age".

The president of the doctor sentenced the couple
The president of the medical association, Michael Gannon, also condemned the woman and her partner and described her as "selfish". "Has anyone thought of what it is like when the child is a teenager?" He wrote on "Twitter". He said: "Insanity. At 60, you shouldn't have children anymore. ”

Berlin grandma got quads
In Germany last year a woman became a mother who was even older than the Australian at birth. A 65-year-old woman from Berlin gave birth to quadruplets. Months earlier, when the elderly woman's pregnancy became known, numerous medical doctors had warned of the risks for the expectant mother and the babies.

Cardiovascular system in older women no longer fit
Compared to a simple pregnancy in multiple pregnancies, problems such as increased water retention, particularly in the legs, as well as high blood pressure due to pregnancy, varicose veins, anemia and impairments of the mother's abdominal organs can occur more frequently. In addition, the cardiovascular system is usually not as fit in older women.

Premature birth with health problems
In addition, these babies are at risk of undersupply during pregnancy and ultimately premature birth with permanent health impairments such as visual and hearing impairments and developmental disorders. The little ones were born 14 weeks early and had to be ventilated and operated on. The infants were finally allowed to go home about three months after birth. (ad)

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