Infectious summer trip: Norovirus outbreak in Bavarian youth hostel

Infectious summer trip: Norovirus outbreak in Bavarian youth hostel

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Diarrhea and circulatory problems: suspected norovirus in youth hostel
In Swabian Füssen, 25 people in a youth hostel have probably contracted noroviruses. The people affected are a group from northern Germany who are on a summer trip to Bavaria. Noroviruses are often the cause of sudden gastrointestinal complaints.

25 people probably infected with noroviruses
As the District Office Ostallgäu announced on Saturday, 22 youths and three supervisors of a youth group from northern Germany have probably contracted noroviruses in a youth hostel in Füssen in Swabia. According to the information, a surprisingly high number of diarrhea and circulatory problems in the facility had been reported to the district office on Friday evening. Those affected are members of a group from the Norderstedt youth fire brigade in Schleswig-Holstein.

Sudden onset of gastrointestinal discomfort
According to a message from the Office, an infection with highly contagious noroviruses was assumed due to the symptoms and the course of the disease. It is said that an emergency doctor and several departments of the Bavarian Red Cross were deployed to prevent further possible infections. Noroviruses are often the cause of sudden gastrointestinal complaints such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Health experts advise you to stay away from infected people.

Sick on summer trip
According to the information, the group of 45 had been on a summer trip to Bavaria. But more and more of them got sick during the week. As reported, eight group members came to nearby hospitals for care, the rest were treated on site. In the meantime, everyone is doing much better again. A laboratory test is now to provide information as to whether the virus was responsible for the diseases. So far it is also unclear whether the illnesses originated from the group itself or whether the person affected only got sick in the youth hostel. The result is expected early next week.

Protect against infection with the dangerous viruses
Hygiene is essential to protect yourself from being infected with the dangerous viruses. The most important thing here is frequent and careful hand washing. Hygiene is particularly important when it comes to towels and the toilet. But even very thorough cleaning does not provide 100% protection. Noroviruses are persistent and can withstand temperatures between minus 20 and plus 60 degrees. But scientists recently reported what can help. The experts at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) wrote that lemon juice works well against noroviruses. According to this, citric acid can significantly reduce the infectiousness of the pathogen. (ad)

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