Overcome stress: A short breathing exercise helps

Overcome stress: A short breathing exercise helps

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Relaxation: The three-minute breathing exercise helps with holiday stress
Finally vacation time! Unfortunately, the time before the long-awaited vacation often means additional stress. Current projects have to be handed over to colleagues, suitcases have to be packed and the care of the plants has to be organized. In order to deal with all the pressure, a few short breathing exercises are recommended. These can contribute to relaxation.

Stressful time around the vacation
Summer break at last! Expectations of the upcoming vacation are usually high, but the days before the trip are often particularly stressful. Current projects have to be handed over to colleagues and travel arrangements have to be made. Flights and hotels have to be booked, bags have to be packed and the care of pets and plants has to be organized. "The time around the summer vacation can quickly turn into stress," said the Chairman of the Mindfulness Association MBSR-MBCT, Günter Hudasch, in a message.

Three-minute breathing exercise helps
If the problems cannot be solved quickly, for example, if there is no one to take care of the flowers at first or the suitcases are too small, then a three-minute breathing exercise, which you can install again and again in everyday life and on vacation, helps, according to the expert . According to Hudasch, this is about consciously perceiving thoughts, feelings and body sensations, repeatedly drawing attention to the breath and trying to stay in the present moment. The body should be perceived as a whole, as a unit.

Exercises should be done regularly
"The purpose of this exercise is to get out of the carousel of thoughts by pausing and thus being able to perceive what is happening," says Hudasch. It's best to sit down and close your eyes. The exercises can take three minutes or less and should be done regularly. Other ways to reduce stress include yoga or progressive muscle relaxation. Activities such as beach volleyball, swimming, listening to music or reading are ideal for relaxing on vacation. (ad)

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