New period: Therapy enables a reversal of the menopause

New period: Therapy enables a reversal of the menopause

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Women are once again able to get their periods and produce fertile eggs
The woman's natural menopause indicates that the person's fertility has ended. This change in hormonal balance usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. Researchers have now found that treating blood can reverse the effects of menopause. Women regain their period through this type of treatment.

Greek scientists from the Greek fertility clinic Genesis in Athens found that the treatment of the blood of older women can rejuvenate the ovaries. This will make it possible to reverse the menopause of women in the future, the researchers report. Usually, doctors use this type of blood treatment to help wounds heal faster. Now the researchers have succeeded in reversing the natural course of menstruation in different women. Among them was a forty-year-old woman who had had menopause five years ago. The results of the scientists were presented at this year's meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

Platelet-rich plasma can reverse the menopause of older women
The doctors used so-called platelet-rich plasma (also called platelet-rich plasma or PRP) for their treatment. This is used to trigger the growth of tissue and blood vessels. This causes stimulated tissue regeneration, which is normally used to repair damaged bones and muscles, the experts explain to The New Scientist.

The menstrual cycle starts again in treated women
The scientists injected the platelet-rich plasma into the ovaries of various women who had previously had menopause. The treatment actually caused the menstrual cycles to start again. The treated women were able to get their period again. There are various speculations as to why menopause is triggered at all. Scientists have found over the past few years that hormones are often not the cause of symptoms. But there have also been studies that claim that menopause is triggered by men's preferences.

Experts plan to implant eggs in a uterus
After “restarting” menstruation, the researchers began to extract some of the women's eggs and examine them. The experts were interested in whether there was a way to implant removed eggs into the uterus. Affected women could get pregnant and have children even at a later age. This would surely please a lot of women who, for example, became infertile prematurely. Menopause can also be triggered prematurely by active and passive smoking. However, the team of scientists has not yet been able to implant an egg to test the theory in practice.

Reason for hope for many women who want to have children in the menopause
One of the participating women was already forty years old and had had menopause five years earlier. The menstrual cycles could also be restarted for this participant and the period started again. The results give hope to all menopausal women. It seems possible for her to get pregnant despite the actual menopause. For this, those affected need only their own genetic material, the Greek researcher Konstantinos Sfakianoudis told The New Scientist.

New treatment works in about two thirds of all women
The new type of treatment appears to work in about two thirds of all cases. We have seen a change in biochemical patterns, a restoration of menstruation, and renewed egg production and fertilization, explains Sfakianoudis. However, more studies are needed to better evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, the doctor adds. (as)

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