Almost every second worker looks in business emails after work

No real end of work after work: Almost every second person checks business emails
According to a survey, almost every second employed person in Germany checks his business emails after work. Around every fifth person is also called at least once a week after the end of duty. Health experts warn: It is important to separate work from work.

Many working people are still called after work
Almost every second worker in Germany checks his business emails after work. This emerges from a survey conducted by the polling institute "YouGov" on behalf of the "dpa" news agency. According to this, 45 percent stated that they usually check their business mailbox at least once or more after work. In addition, about 20 percent of respondents said they normally called at least once a week after work. In 28 percent this happens less than once a week, in 42 percent not at all. According to health experts, the lack of separation between work and leisure prevents them from switching off and maintains psychological pressure even after work. This results in an increased susceptibility to mental illnesses such as burnout or depression.

Disruptions "very stressful"
The much praised flexibility is also a burden. It is known that people who are constantly available at work do not really recover. According to dpa, roughly every third person now feels that they are always available as "rather" or "very stressful". Also a third of the employed find the disturbances after work "a little stressful" and another third see no problem at all. The survey also showed that about one in three people checked their emails at least once during their last vacation. On the other hand, about 40 percent of all Germans would be annoyed if their companions read professional emails on vacation. (ad)

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