Good sun protection is particularly important in older people

Good sun protection is particularly important in older people

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Pay special attention to sun protection in old age
Summer is finally in its full glory. Temperatures of over 30 degrees drive people in outdoor pools and lakes. All people who are outside should think of adequate sun protection. This is particularly true for seniors: the skin is more sensitive in older age.

Good sun protection for seniors
Sun rays raise the mood and are good for the body and well-being in low doses. However, too much UV radiation can quickly become harmful to health and, among other things, lead to sunburn and, in the long term, to skin cancer. Older people are much more at risk than younger people. Good sun protection is therefore mandatory for seniors. According to experts, you should always use a minimum sun protection factor of 15 and avoid sunbathing.

Older skin becomes more sensitive
According to the pharmacy magazine “Senioren Ratgeber” (7/2016), it takes longer in old age for the skin to form protective pigments. Sunburns not only come faster, they also go slower. Therefore, it is important to protect the skin effectively from UV-A and UV-B rays, especially during long exposure such as on vacation on the beach or at the lake. Sand and water reflect the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Hamburg pharmacist Barbara Schneider said in the magazine: "Sufficiently high sun protection factor, apply thickly and don't forget your neck, forehead and ears!"

Additional dangers from medication
Seniors should also consider possible interactions between sun and medication. Certain medicines such as antibiotics, antidiabetics, antihypertensives, rheumatism preparations or psychopharmaceuticals in combination with UV-A rays can lead to a phototoxic reaction, the symptoms of which range from redness and burning pain to severe burns. According to Schneider, people who spend a lot of time outdoors should apply day care with a sun protection factor even when there is only moderate sun or cloudy skies. The protection of the lips should not be forgotten - this can also prevent herpes. (ad)

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