Evaluation: Every tenth first grader is too fat

Evaluation: Every tenth first grader is too fat

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Fat teenagers: Around every tenth first grader is overweight
There are more and more children and adolescents worldwide who are too fat. Germany is not immune to the problem either. Many of the first grade students are overweight or even obese. In Rhineland-Palatinate, one in ten first graders is overweight.

Every tenth ABC shooter is too fat
Even toddlers often consume too many calories and proteins. No wonder that numerous ABC shooters are too fat when they come to school. In Rhineland-Palatinate, one in ten first graders is already too fat. This emerges from the answer by Health Minister Sabine Bätzing-Lichtenthäler (SPD) to a small request from the CDU parliamentary group in Mainz. According to this, 5.5 percent of the ABC shooters were overweight during the entrance examination for the school year 2014/15. In 4.4 percent, obesity was even registered.

Children's programs for better nutrition
According to the information, the weight data of school beginners have been electronically recorded nationwide for seven years. The proportion of overweight ABC shooters has hardly changed since then. The Minister of Health referred to various children's programs for better nutrition. These included “Kita eats better”, the EU school fruit and vegetable program, the teaching series “ABC of food” and the school project “Sustainable nutrition - what is our food worth?”

More exercise and less sugar
For years, health experts have been trying to counter the problem of excess weight gain, especially among children and adolescents. In addition to a change in diet that is supposed to get by with less fat and sugar, most experts recommend more exercise for children to prevent obesity. An interesting study was published a few months ago, showing that water dispensers in schools can reduce obesity in children. The US researchers reported that in schools that had water dispensers, there was a slight decrease in student overweight because, among other things, they consumed less dairy products - with sugar. (ad)

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