Listeria germs: Globus consumer market recalls meat and sausage products

Listeria in sausage and meat products: authorities prohibit sale of butchers
The Globus consumer market in Plattling, Lower Bavaria, calls sausage and meat products back from its service counter. Listeria could be hazardous to health in the butcher's articles. The germs had been found in food several times in the past months.

Sale of sausages prohibited
The Globus consumer market in Plattling (Lower Bavaria) calls meat and sausages from its service counter. According to company information, the butcher's articles could be contaminated with Listeria bacteria. According to the information, only goods that have been packed in the company's own butcher's shop since May 30 are affected. The Landrastsamt Deggendorf has currently prohibited the further sale of sausages. It still has to be clarified where the germs came from. Consumers should absolutely not consume the affected products. Purchased goods can be returned against reimbursement of the purchase price.

Bacteria can be dangerous for pregnant women and children
Listeria (Listeria monocytogenes) can cause so-called “listeriosis” in humans. This can cause flu-like symptoms such as vomiting, muscle pain, diarrhea and fever. In healthy adults, the disease usually takes a harmless course, but it can be dangerous for pregnant women, newborns, the elderly, and people with poor immune defenses, for example, causing blood poisoning, inflammation of the brain or meninges. The risk of premature birth or miscarriage increases in pregnant women. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), risk persons should not eat raw animal foods (such as Mett) to protect themselves. They should also avoid smoking or marinated fish products and raw milk cheese.

Listeria finds are piling up
Since the onset of the disease is still possible up to eight weeks after eating contaminated food, a doctor should be consulted if the corresponding symptoms appear. Listeria can reproduce at low temperatures - including in the refrigerator. The germs can be rendered harmless by heating them completely. In the past few months, the topic of listeria has been in the public eye mainly due to the Sieber sausage scandal. The large butcher even had to file for bankruptcy. Reports of evidence of listeria have been clustered in recent weeks. For example, the Rhineland-Palatinate State Examination Office (LUA) had only recently detected bacteria harmful to health in several fish products, whereupon the manufacturer Von SER launched a recall campaign for the fish products concerned. (ad)

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