Exercises during pregnancy are healthy for both mother and child

Exercises during pregnancy are healthy for both mother and child

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Risk of premature birth is reduced through safe exercises
There are certainly conflicting views about whether exercise during pregnancy can be dangerous for women and their children. Researchers have now found that safe exercises during pregnancy do no harm to the mother or the fetus. It was also not observed that such sports exercises increase the risk of premature birth. Rather, the likelihood of a medically necessary caesarean section is reduced.

Should women do exercise during pregnancy? Scientists from Thomas Jefferson University have now determined that safe exercises do not endanger either the mother or the fetus and can have positive effects on medically necessary caesarean sections. The doctors published the results of their clinical study in the journal "American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology".

Exercises reduce the likelihood of complications
Experts say that if women carry out safe sporting exercises during their pregnancy, the health risk does not increase - not even for women with a high-risk pregnancy. The exercises even reduce the likelihood of complications occurring during pregnancy.

Exercise does not increase the risk of premature birth
There has been a belief in the past that participating in exercise releases norepinephrine in the pregnant woman's body. Its increased concentration is said to stimulate the uterus, which would then trigger premature birth, explains Dr. Vincenzo Berghella from Thomas Jefferson University. However, the new findings clearly show that exercises of this kind do not harm the unborn child or lead to premature birth. On the contrary, the exercises even bring benefits for mother and child, say the doctors.

Doctors are studying the effects of exercise on over 1,000 women
For the new study, the scientists analyzed the data from nine previous studies. A total of 1,022 pregnant women had participated in the studies. The women did exercises three or four times a week that lasted between 35 and 90 minutes, the doctors explain. There was also a control group consisting of 1,037 women who did not participate in any exercises.

No differences in weight or birth age were found
During the study, it was noticed that women who had taken part in sports exercises had rates of premature birth similar to those who had not done any exercises. In addition, the children were born after a similar gestation period and had a comparable weight, the authors explain.

Clear benefits are recognizable through sporting exercises
73 percent of athletic women had a vaginal birth, and 17.9 of the participants had to have a caesarean section, the experts say. In contrast, only 67 percent of women who had not participated in exercise had a vaginal birth and 22 percent had to have a caesarean section. If women are more likely to get gestational diabetes and hypertension, it is definitely worth doing exercises safely to gain positive health benefits, the scientists add.

Conclusion: Pregnant women should participate in safe sporting exercises
There are many different reasons why women stop exercising during pregnancy. Increased fatigue and the feeling of being out of breath with even the slightest effort are just two of these reasons, explains Dr. Berghella. However, the results of the new study now clearly confirm that exercises are good for the mother's health and that the baby also has no increased risk of premature birth. (as)

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