Most women need girlfriends to talk to

Most women need girlfriends to talk to

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Women are important to girlfriends for talking - men less so
Be it stress at work, problems in the partnership or exciting things from the circle of friends - friends usually have a lot to talk about. A current survey now shows that women can do without them less than men.

Friends have a lot to tell each other
Stress at work, arguments with your partner, news from friends: friends usually have a lot to tell each other. The motto often applies to problems such as lovesickness: talk about it. Many women in particular need a girlfriend with whom they can talk about anything. However, this is less important to men. This is the result of a representative survey by the market research institute GfK. From October 2 to 16, 2015, a total of 2004 people aged 14 and over were interviewed on behalf of the pharmacy magazine "Baby and Family", including 1,022 women and 982 men.

Women need a girlfriend to talk to
The majority of women (56.2 percent) stated that they absolutely needed a same-sex girlfriend with whom they could really interact. Men, on the other hand, are much less focused on a male best friend (43.8 percent). Around two thirds of all respondents (68.9 percent) believe that men can also be best friends of women, and women best friends of men.

Friends are so important to us
Scientific studies also show how important a healthy circle of friends is to us. For example, one study showed that a handful of healthy friends for adolescents are enough to reduce the risk of developing depression enormously. In addition, good friends could increase our pain tolerance, as doctors recently reported in the scientific reports. (ad)

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