Warm summer nights: turn the hot water bottle into a cool bottle

Warm summer nights: turn the hot water bottle into a cool bottle

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Simply turn the hot water bottle into a cold bottle in warm summer powers
The weather of the past few weeks was not exactly summery, but soon the heat and humidity could prevail again. Most people find warm temperatures very pleasant during the day, but rather annoying at night. A hot water bottle can help you to get a good night's sleep.

Hot water bottle becomes a cooling element
Summer is still a long way off, but soon heat and humidness could again determine the days. As beautiful as the higher temperatures are, they deprive many people of a good night's sleep. A few simple tips for tropical nights can help you sleep better. For example, a hot water bottle can be easily converted into a cooling element in summer. To do this, fill them with water and put them in the fridge about three hours before bedtime, according to the pharmacy magazine “Senioren Ratgeber” (6/2016).

Short lukewarm shower before bed
It is best to wrap the cool bottle in a thin sheet and take it to bed. A short shower before going to bed can also be relaxing and promoting sleep. The water should only be lukewarm and should only be wiped off afterwards. The magazine also points to the right diet: those who eat lightly in the evening are usually easier to fall asleep and sleep through. Instead of hearty salami, a vegetable soup or a snack with cream cheese should be on the menu. During the day: always drink enough.

Tips for hot nights
Further tips against the heat: "Put your nightgown or pajamas in a bag in the freezer for half an hour before putting them on," recommends the "Apotheken Umschau" in an older edition. In addition, experts recommend clever ventilation to keep the temperature in the bedroom as low as possible. This means that the windows are only opened early in the morning and at night when it is not yet or is no longer hot. If sleep is still difficult due to high temperatures, you should not use chemical sleeping pills. There are also natural home remedies. In a large number of clinical studies, sleep aids made from valerian extracts, alone or in combination with hops, lemon balm and passion flower, have proven to be an alternative to synthetic drugs. (ad)

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