Statutory health insurance companies: Insured persons accumulate around 4.5 billion euros in debt

Statutory health insurance companies: Insured persons accumulate around 4.5 billion euros in debt

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Unpaid contributions: Insured persons owe health insurance funds EUR 4.48 billion
The insured in Germany owe the statutory health insurers more and more money. According to a report, the premium debt now amounts to almost 4.5 billion euros. The health insurers are asking the state to help those who cannot pay their own contributions.

Insured persons owe the health insurance companies more and more money
Insured persons owe more and more money to the statutory health insurance companies in Germany. According to a report by the “Rheinische Post” (RP), the premium debt recently totaled 4.48 billion euros - a good 1.2 billion euros more than at the beginning of 2015. This is shown in an overview by the umbrella association of health insurance companies. According to the information, the debts in 2011 were still a good billion euros. "Only the so-called self-payers who are not permanently employed can owe the health insurances something," the newspaper writes.

There are many reasons for the arrears of contributions
"In the case of dependent employees, the employer transfers his share and the share of the employee to the health insurance companies," it continues. Accordingly, it is often solo self-employed people with low incomes or people who have fallen through the social network and are not insured through Hartz IV benefits who are not responsible for the contributions. It also happens that people move abroad and do not log out of their cash register. According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, there are many reasons for the arrears of premium. These include consumer bankruptcies, financial instability in the case of self-employed who are insured voluntarily or insolvency in the event of largely inadequate income.

State should help with tax money
The chances for the cash registers to get the outstanding money are often slim. The corresponding SHI document says: "For members who are unable to make the necessary living expenses including the expenses for health insurance from their own resources and resources, the instruments for enforcing the entitlement to contributions are largely ineffective." The leading association therefore demanded that the state provide tax money to those who cannot pay the contributions. "If there is a state insurance obligation, there would also be state funding for the loss of premiums at the health insurers," said the spokesman for the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, Florian Lanz, on Saturday with the news agency dpa.

Health insurance companies receive billions from the health fund
A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health told the "Rheinische Post" that one was watching the development of the premium arrears "carefully". He emphasized: "The associated cost consequences and their impact on the solidarity of the SHI must always be assessed and taken into account very precisely." The problem of defaulting payers is not new. For this reason, a “law to eliminate excessive social demands on health insurance premiums” was enacted years ago. In 2014, thousands of insureds were given debt relief. At that time, a total of 1.1 billion euros in debt was canceled. This may also be an option now. Especially against the background of the billions of injections from the health fund that the government wants to send to the health insurers. (ad)

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