Diabetes study: Long sleep is a health risk for men

Diabetes study: Long sleep is a health risk for men

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Men suffer far less from sleep than women
Women now have the perfect excuse to stay in bed a little longer. Extra sleep can lower the risk of diabetes in women. However, the opposite is true for men. Researchers have now found that men who stay in bed longer are more likely to develop diabetes.

The Dutch scientists from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam found that men who sleep too much - but also who have irregular and interrupted sleep - increase their risk of developing diabetes. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism".

Diabetes can lead to blindness and amputations
More and more people around the world suffer from diabetes. The condition can lead to life-threatening complications. Diabetes can cause strokes, heart attacks, kidney diseases and circulatory disorders and can lead to blindness, the researchers say. Due to the effects of diabetes, entire limbs must also be amputated (diabetic foot).

Study examines 800 subjects on their sleep behavior and insulin processing
The Dutch research team has now examined almost 800 healthy middle-aged men and women for its new study. The volunteers wore a device that tracked sleep and underwent tests to determine how well their bodies were able to use insulin, the experts explain. Insulin is a sugar-processing hormone, the release of which does not function properly in diabetics. The volunteers slept an average of seven hours and 18 minutes.

Women with better sensitivity to insulin
Women who slept longer showed an increased sensitivity to insulin. According to the researchers, the longer the female test subjects slept, the better the sensitivity to the hormone. This suggests that sleeping more will reduce your risk of diabetes, doctors say. Interestingly, the lack of sleep was also associated with better use of insulin in women, the researchers report.

Too little or too much sleep leads to diabetes in men
However, the results for men were the opposite. According to the scientists, men are generally known to get less deep, restful sleep than women. The results of the new study now show that men who sleep more than average have a poorer ability to process insulin. This means a higher risk of diabetes. Too short sleep was also harmful for men, the researchers report. Our sleep can be disturbed for various reasons. For example, previous studies found that eating fat disrupted healthy sleep and that work stress harmed sleep.

There is a gender relationship between sleep duration and glucose metabolism
In a group of almost 800 healthy people, we were able to observe gender-specific relationships between sleep duration and glucose metabolism, explains author Dr. Femke Rutters from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. If men sleep too little, the glucose intake is reduced. This increases the risk of developing diabetes in the future. These effects could not be observed in women.

Sleep is important for health
The importance of sleep to health is undisputed among medical professionals. Apparently, men's health suffers even more from sleep deprivation. However, it remains unclear why additional sleep is also bad for men's health, author Dr. Femke Rutters added. (as)

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