Ecotest results: Better use “organic” for grilled sausages

Ecotest results: Better use “organic” for grilled sausages

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Experts discover mineral oil residues and antibiotics in the sausage
A grill party without sausages is almost unthinkable for many people. Like steaks, they are of course part of the grill and often end up in large quantities on the grill. According to the experts from “Öko-Test”, alternatives should be used much more often. The testers examined 20 commercially available sausages and grilled sausages and did not achieve a good result in terms of quality. Consumers should also take into account the mostly terrible conditions that pigs were exposed to before they were slaughtered.

Bratwurst is a must for many grill fans
Summer, holiday season and the European Football Championship: For many people, these are the perfect conditions to start the grill as often as possible. For most meat fans, sausages are a matter of course. But that is exactly what “Öko-Test” believes consumers should think about again. Because the quality and origin of many products is anything but pleasant.

Ökotest tested 20 sausages for the current July issue and came to a frightening result: According to a current press release, the experts found mineral oil residues in 14 products that come from plastic packaging or the production process. According to the information, these were saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH), which can accumulate in the body and have caused organ damage in animal experiments. In addition to that, the experts discovered the antibiotic Florfenicol in a sausage, whereby one batch contained such high amounts that it was not allowed to go on the market.

Superfluous additives in almost all products
But that's not all. Because the products also contained a number of unnecessary additives, according to Ökotest's criticism. Accordingly, phosphates were found in almost all the sausages checked, e.g. to maintain the natural water binding capacity
be used. According to Ökotest, however, too much of this can overwhelm the body's compensation mechanisms and lead to kidney damage and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Only organic products do well
According to the testers, all conventional products failed. Only the four organic products “Alnatura Bratwürstchen”, “Basic Rostbratwürstchen” from Bioland, “Königshofer Original Nürnberger Bio-Rostbratwürste” and the “Packlhof Rostbratwürstl” from Bioland achieved a “good” rating. One reason for this was the animal husbandry, which was rated as “good” in comparison. This point again led to the “Eberswalder Rostbratwurst”, “Grillmeister Rostbratwurst” and the “Ja! Delicatessen Rostbratwurst ”to an“ insufficient ”- which was also reflected in the ingredients of the products.

Animals have to live in terrible conditions
"What is particularly shocking about the grill sausage test is how little conventional manufacturers pay attention to animal welfare," says Ökotest. According to the report, "cutting the tails like grinding the canine teeth and anesthetizing the piglets without anesthesia in the first days of life [.]

Therefore Ökotest advises you to eat a sausage every now and then - and then in organic quality. Because here, on the one hand, the housing conditions are better, and it would also be easier to trace where the products come from. There is also a major shortcoming in organic farming: Because even in this case, the young boars would usually be neutered in the first days of life without anesthesia, according to the information.

Vegetarian alternatives for the barbecue evening
A really good alternative for the next cozy football evening with friends is therefore grilling with vegetables and tofu. Corn cobs, stuffed mushrooms or zucchini slices, which are cooked in a stainless steel bowl, are suitable here. If you do not want to separate yourself completely from the meat, you will find a delicious substitute in meat-free grilled food based on vegetable protein. Almost every supermarket now offers ready-made and seasoned sausages, steaks or burgers made from soy, wheat or lupine. (No)

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