Warning of harmful UV rays: Proper sun protection on the beach is particularly important

Warning of harmful UV rays: Proper sun protection on the beach is particularly important

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Orientate to the UV index for safety
These days, summer holidays are starting in some federal states and many people are looking forward to the sun, the beach and the sea. If you are planning a beach holiday, you should pay particular attention to good sun protection in order to protect the body from the harmful UV radiation. Because of the water and light sand you are particularly exposed to the sun. Proper creaming is therefore essential - especially for children. The so-called “UV index” provides a good orientation. This shows up-to-date how strong the exposure to the sun's rays are.

Health hazard from UV radiation
Summer is finally here and many people prefer to spend their free time outdoors. But this is not without its dangers, because those who stay in the sun too often and for too long risk long-term serious damage to the skin. Because, as the German Cancer Aid informs, it ages faster due to the ultraviolet radiation (short: UV radiation), and damage to the genetic material of skin cells and skin cancer can also occur.

Apply cream half an hour before going out
Those with light skin, hair and eyes get sunburned faster than people with a darker complexion and should therefore be even more careful. The simple rule applies here: the lighter the skin type, the less time should be in the sun without appropriate protection. In order to avoid sunburn, it is important to apply plenty of sunscreen to all free parts of the body and the face before going out. Experts repeatedly warn against not forgetting the nose, ears, lips and neck, as these areas burn very quickly. It is important to have a high sun protection factor, and you have to apply regular cream if you are going to be outside for longer periods.

Protect children particularly well
This is especially true for babies and children. Because they do not yet have fully developed skin protection against UV light and accordingly get sunburn much faster than adults. Accordingly, only sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 should be used, sun protection factor 50 is recommended for particularly light-sensitive, extremely light-skinned children. In addition, it is important to always ensure that the little ones are well protected by clothing and shady places, under two Years, children shouldn't be in the direct sun at the advice of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA).

When it comes to sun protection, you should always use the UV index as a guide, warned the German Cancer Aid in a message. This index is created by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency, the German Weather Service and other institutions. It can be called up online daily. A scale from 1 to 11+ indicates how strong the radiation is and which form of sun protection is recommended.

Out of the sun at lunchtime
Those who spend a lot of time on the beach on vacation should pay attention to other things, because there is a particularly high risk of getting a sunburn. The reason for this is that water and light sand reflect the light and thus ensure a higher UV exposure. This is indicated by the professional association of German dermatologists (BVDD). If you want to avoid an unpleasant sunburn, but still want to enjoy the nice weather, you should avoid the blazing midday sun. According to the experts, it is better for the skin to stay outdoors - especially on the water - in the early morning or late afternoon instead of between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Effective home remedies for sunburn
If the skin still gets too much sun, the affected areas should first be cooled well. A good first aid for sunburn is provided by cool envelopes e.g. with kitchen towels. These should be absolutely sterile to avoid inflammation. Quark also provides relief for burnt skin because it becomes cooling and at the same time anti-inflammatory. Alternatively, yogurt, kefir or buttermilk can also be used - however, it is important for all milk products that they are washed off thoroughly after use to avoid infection. Aloe vera or healing earth have proven to be another effective and natural home remedy for sunburn, only small areas are affected, and cooled bags of black tea can also help

In the event of severe sunburn, a doctor should definitely be consulted. This is the case when blisters form on the skin, the skin is dark red and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, fever, chills, headache, a stiff neck and drowsiness appear. Because these complaints can be signs of a sunstroke that needs urgent medical attention. (No)

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