Plants water during the holiday season

The vacation is coming and the question arises again: Who takes care of the plants? The clear advantage is who has relatives or good friends living around the corner. But what if not? Expensive irrigation systems don't have to be. For allotment gardens, balconies and patios, there are solutions that are not expensive and are also easy to use.

In the case of indoor, balcony and terrace plants, for example, a change of location can reduce water consumption. In order to supply plant pots with water for a few days, water-storing mats or balcony boxes and planters with a "double bottom" are also suitable. In the event of a long absence, an automatic "irrigation system" is necessary.

For smaller gardens, houseplants and balcony plants, drip irrigation with clay cones has proven itself - without a pump and other electrical utensils. For larger gardens, there are simple and inexpensive systems in garden shops that work with so-called row droppers. Aid infodienst provides tips on irrigation systems in a post on in the thematic portal "Edible Garden". (pm)

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