Get active yourself: This is how stress in the job can be eliminated

Get active yourself: This is how stress in the job can be eliminated

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Stressed workers should change or accept circumstances
Workplace stress can make you sick. Because constant pressure, excessive demands and conflicts with superiors or colleagues can lead to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or sleep disorders. Permanent stress at work also affects the heart and can significantly increase the risk of a heart attack. It is therefore all the more important that you take a close look at your own situation and, if necessary, change something yourself instead of just complaining and waiting for impulses from outside.

Pull the emergency brake in time
Whether deadline pressure, criticism from the boss or a seemingly impossible task: almost everyone knows these days when you come home frustrated from work and actually only want to pull the covers over your head. If this happens from time to time, there is usually no need to worry. But if the stress at work leads to permanent dissatisfaction, you should definitely pull the “emergency brake”.

Be clear about your own interests
However, many workers would continue to wait, complain and hope that someone else would take action for them, reports the magazine "Apotheken Umschau" (June / 2016 edition), according to the news agency "dpa". However, this is not expedient, instead, permanently stressed-out professionals should first critically examine their own situation and ask themselves: "What would have to be different in everyday life so that I am happier?" It would make sense to consider your own interests and set goals accordingly. Afterwards, a discussion with the manager can be helpful, because many bosses are not even aware of the wishes of the employees. Such an appointment is also a good time to negotiate changes.

Some things are unchangeable
According to the magazine's report, however, some circumstances simply cannot be changed. These include exhausting customers or a choleric boss. But such a fact does not automatically mean stress. Rather, those affected should try to no longer focus on this annoyance, but rather focus on the positive sides of the work. Accordingly, it can help if you make yourself aware that a very nice colleague is sitting opposite you. One of five small exercises that help against everyday stress is the conscious concentration on breathing. This way you can learn to "stay with yourself" and "let go" of anger and pressure with the air you breathe. (No)

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