Authority warns of counterfeit erectile dysfunction from Greece

Authority warns of counterfeit erectile dysfunction from Greece

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Fake erectile dysfunction discovered - warning also for German pharmacists and users
Like the well-known Viagra (active ingredient sildenafil), the sexual enhancer Cialis® with the active ingredient tadalafil leads to a so-called erectile dysfunction, with the result that a man can do it longer and even more than once. Now, according to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), "counterfeit cases of the potency agent Cialis 20 mg film-coated tablets from Greece" have been uncovered. Pharmacists and users are therefore encouraged to pay more attention to the authenticity of the products.

"Packages with batch numbers C334146 and C543049 on the outer packaging and batch numbers A05673 and A05668 on the inner packaging (expiry dates 01/2017 and 07/2018) had become noticeable," reports the BfArM. The counterfeits were noticed in two pharmacies in Greece. So far, however, no evidence has been found that “that this counterfeit e.g. has also been marketed in Germany via parallel distribution or the Internet. ”Nevertheless, parallel distributors, pharmacists and users are advised to examine the film-coated tablets for certain characteristics and to report suspected cases to the BfArM.

Potency does not contain the intended active ingredient
According to the Federal Institute, the counterfeits differ from the original in that the batch names of the outer and inner packaging of the medicinal product in Greek packaging do not match, and in that they differ in size and color from the original. The film-coated tablets do not contain the active ingredient tadalafil as intended, but the active ingredient sildenafil. The BfArM claims to be in close contact with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the state authorities that are responsible for monitoring the flow of medicines in Germany. As soon as further information is available, the public will be informed immediately. The BfArM expressly warns against obtaining medicinal products from illegal sources such as the Internet, as this could lead to serious health problems. (fp)

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