Studies: Men are very afraid of the doctor

Studies: Men are very afraid of the doctor

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Women usually send their husbands into practice
Whether a persistent cough, chronic back pain or an inflammation on the leg that does not heal: Most men rarely go to the doctor. Why this is the case, US pollsters have now conducted a survey on behalf of the Orlando Health Clinics. According to this, many men are afraid of the diagnosis and would therefore prefer to avoid unpleasant examinations. According to the test persons, lack of time was a very common reason in middle age.

Younger men are often too busy
If men have physical complaints, they are often simply ignored or dismissed as null and void. Phrases like "Oh, won't be that bad" or "It'll go away on its own" are not uncommon. So it's no surprise that many men don't go to the doctor as often, even when the symptoms are obvious. But why is that? According to a report by the news agency "dpa", a team of US pollsters has now dealt with this question. They asked men on behalf of the Orlando Health Clinics about the reasons that speak against the appointment of an annual GP appointment and came to an interesting result. According to this, many of those questioned would be afraid of the diagnosis and would therefore prefer to avoid unpleasant examinations. Men between 18 and 44 had also often stated that they were too busy to see a doctor.

“Men can spend 34 hours playing golf, watching a ball game every week, or finding the time to go to Las Vegas with their friends. But you can't spend 90 minutes a year on a medical check-up? That's no excuse, ”said the co-director of the“ PUR Clinic ”(Personalized Urology and Robotics) in Florida, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, according to a report by Science Daily. Men would have to prioritize their health more strongly - which should also be conveyed in campaigns on the subject of “men's health”.

Long waiting times deter
"It can be observed time and again that men in particular do not go to the doctor because they are concerned about the diagnosis," said Vincent Jörres of the German General Practitioners Association to the "dpa". A "long-term relationship of trust" is important, the expert continues. Studies have shown that waiting times also deter men, adds Theodor Klotz, board member of the Men's Health Foundation. Because during this time there is a risk that one should sit in a room with other patients and hear their conversations about diseases. Successful preventive practices would find a good solution here by offering appointment consultations, explains Klotz.

Men see bodies as tools
Accordingly, it is also crucial that men have a different body feeling than women and view their body more as a “tool”. As a result, they would often only go to the doctor in the event of very severe pain or in unavoidable situations, with women usually giving the impetus. But that doesn't mean anything, because women are obviously not better in their own case. Because, as the "dpa" reports, the US survey had shown that the most important reasons for not visiting a doctor largely overlap in both sexes. (No)

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