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Anatomical miracle: pregnancy through anal intercourse

Anal sex now seems to be the most normal thing in the world. In fact, the rectum as an erogenous zone gradually clears out of the taboo zone, even if many still fear pain during sex.

Nevertheless, there are still many myths about the special type of transport. Some believe, for example, that anal sex prevents sexual diseases. That's not true. The intestinal mucosa is very sensitive, and tiny injuries occur during sex that provide entry points for viruses and bacteria.

It is hardly known that female egg cells can be fertilized during anal intercourse - indirectly; If the sperm of the man runs out of the sphincter, it goes into the vagina of the woman and reaches the uterus. But that happens extremely rarely.

Condoms for HIV
HIV is even more easily transmitted through AV than through vaginal sex. That's why condoms are always recommended for anal sex. You can buy special AV condoms from specialist retailers; they are more resilient than normal topcoats.

Cloacal malformation
A New Jersey woman became pregnant after anal sex. The urologist Dr. Brian Steixner examined the woman and says she has a genetic abnormality. This occurs only in one in 50,000 women.

In the female fetus, the vagina, rectum and access to the urinary bladder usually separate in the uterus - but not in those affected. She suffers from “cloacal malformation”. As a newborn she had only one channel. Therefore, she was operated on early to separate the exits.

Uterus associated with rectum
The doctors allegedly made a malpractice: they connected the uterus to the rectum. Blood on the anus actually showed her pregnancy.

Dr. Steixner, now director of the Institute for Men's Health at New Jersey Urology, says: “We knew about this condition and have provided medical care to women for over a decade. After multiple X-rays, we found that she had become pregnant through anal sex. ”

Caesarean section
The child was born by Caesarean section. (Dr.Utz Anhalt)


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