Accidental Find: Drug prevents weight gain with high-fat food intake

Eating without gaining weight is possible?

Especially nowadays most people try to lose weight and avoid being overweight. Of course, there are a number of diets and forms of diet change that promise weight loss. Are there other ways to maintain a healthy body weight? Researchers have now found that a particular drug could make it possible to eat more without gaining weight.

In their current study, scientists from the internationally recognized Yale University found that a certain medication could prevent weight gain despite high food intake. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Science".

Despite the high fat diet, the mice remained slim

The experts actually wanted to create a morbidly obese mouse, but they created a mouse that consumed a lot of food but did not get fat. For their study, the scientists removed two genes in the lymphoid tissue to influence the absorption of fat particles (chylomicrons). The researchers expected this intervention to make the mice fat. But despite a high-fat diet, the mice actually remained lean.

What are lipids?

The mice, which lacked the two genes, excreted so-called lipids and gained little weight despite a high-fat diet. Lipids are absorbed in the lymphoid tissue in the intestine through entry into vessels called lacteae. The passage of lipids to the vessels is usually controlled by button-shaped structures.

The modified mice did not increase

Instead of converting fat in the diet to body fat, the genetically modified mice displaced the lipids and did not gain weight. This naturally raised the question of whether this is also possible in humans. The findings of the current study could pave the way for a new drug that could help fight obesity, the researchers hope.

How can the same effect be triggered in humans?

Instead of changing the genes of humans, the experts also looked for ways to trigger the same effect without reaching into the genes. In doing so, they came across an inhibitor that can also influence the absorption of lipids.

Anti-glaucoma medication could have a similar effect

It turned out that a drug for this purpose already exists, but is currently used to treat glaucoma, the researchers report. They found that the medication can also close the pores of the lymphatic vessels in the intestine and inhibit fat absorption. Such a drug could be examined in the future for lipid-lowering effects in humans. However, it will be some time before this medication will become available as a weight loss technique in humans.

Being overweight can make you sick

It is important to fight obesity and overweight. More and more people suffer from too much weight and the associated consequences. For example, obesity can increase the risk of various diseases, including heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and eleven different types of cancer. (as)

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