Study: Type II diabetes can be cured without medication

Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Cured?

Researchers have now figured out how to cure type 2 diabetes. Dramatic weight loss can actually reverse type 2 diabetes.

Newcastle University scientists found in their current investigation that weight loss in patients can reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Cell Metabolism".

Almost half of the sick can be cured by a diet

The new breakthrough study shows that insulin-producing cells can be restarted in many cases if weight loss is achieved before the cells are completely killed, the experts say. Earlier results from the DiRECT study published last year already showed that almost half of those affected could be cured by a strict diet.

Remission from diabetes can save health authorities a lot of money

If used nationally, at least 1.5 million of the 3.6 million UK patients diagnosed with diabetes could be saved, saving the NHS an estimated £ 4 billion a year. Newcastle University researchers measured fat levels in the liver and pancreas in 41 of the original study participants. Of these, 29 were successfully brought into remission.

Until now it was not known why weight loss causes remission

After losing weight, the insulin-producing beta cells of people in remission started working properly again, releasing the right amount of insulin that the body needs. Your insulin production continued to improve as the study progressed. There was no change in the amount of insulin produced by non-responders because their beta cells had not survived the stress of being overly fat. DiRECT has already provided evidence that some people can bring their type 2 diabetes into remission, but it was not yet known why.

Talk to your doctor before dieting

The current study builds on these promising results and helps experts understand how weight loss can help some people boost their insulin production. It is very important that anyone who has type 2 diabetes and is considering a low-calorie diet should speak to their doctor first.

Results provided important insights

The group cured of type 2 diabetes lost 16.2 kg on average over five months, compared to 13.4 kg among the participants who failed to cure their diabetes. The results provide an insight into the body, which allows researchers to understand exactly what happens when people get rid of type 2 diabetes and become fully healthy again, explains study author Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle University.

How did the study work?

DiRECT is the largest study ever funded by Diabetes UK and the first phase tracked 298 patients with type 2 diabetes. Half of the participants were instructed to take anti-diabetes medication and conventional weight loss. The other half of the subjects were asked to take medication for diabetes and consume shakes or soups with a maximum of 853 calories per day for up to five months. Subjects were then given intensive advice from their primary care physicians to gradually regain normal nutrition after two to eight weeks, followed by a gradual increase in physical activity. (as)

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