Lung cancer: Mortality rate among women will soon reach a critical level

Lung cancer: Mortality rate among women will soon reach a critical level

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Lung cancer is on the rise in women

Researchers have now found that deaths in women with lung cancer will increase by half before 2030. This can be attributed, among other things, to the behavior of the tobacco companies because their advertising often targets women.

In their current study, UIC Barcelona scientists found that lung cancer deaths among women will increase dramatically by 2030. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Cancer Research".

Why are there more and more women with lung cancer?

According to experts, the average mortality rate among women with lung cancer in 52 countries is expected to increase by 43 percent between 2015 and 2030. The dramatic increase in lung cancer deaths is due to the fact that it was socially acceptable for women in many countries to smoke for a long time, the study author Dr. Jose Martinez-Sanchez from UIC Barcelona. This reflects why higher lung cancer mortality can be observed in these countries.

Are e-cigarettes an alternative to weaning?

While the increase in the use of e-cigarettes could help lower these future death rates, researchers believe that evidence of the use of e-cigarettes as a weaning aid is contradictory and scarce. Prevention of smoking in itself remains the most effective way to reduce lung cancer rates. Tobacco companies, however, have focused more on developing countries, as restrictions have been introduced in Europe and elsewhere, the scientists explain.

How were the mortality rates calculated?

Mortality rates were calculated by the experts determining the number of lung cancer deaths per 100,000 years lived by the population of each country. The doctors explain a widespread measure to standardize deaths in countries with different life expectancies. Lung cancer deaths will increase from 11.2 deaths to 16 deaths worldwide by 2030, according to this calculation. Lung cancer death rates are expected to decrease only in Oceania.

Lung cancer will soon overtake breast cancer in women

Breast cancer mortality rates will decrease by nine percent during this period. This is a result of early detection programs and treatment advances that can detect and fight breast cancer early. In the 52 countries led by Dr. Martinez-Sanchez and his team were examined, the results suggest that lung cancer will have overtaken breast cancer in 26 countries. The researchers used the data from the World Health Organization (WHO) for their investigation, but did not have enough robust information from African countries to include it in the study.

Without countermeasures, lung cancer mortality will increase worldwide

Although great strides have been made worldwide in reducing breast cancer mortality, lung cancer mortality rates among women are on the rise worldwide, says Dr. Martinez-Sanchez. If no measures to reduce smoking behavior are implemented in this population, lung cancer mortality will continue to increase worldwide. (as)

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