Light fare: watermelon - which is why you shouldn't do without the seeds

Light fare: watermelon - which is why you shouldn't do without the seeds

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Don't rinse out watermelon seeds, eat them too

The high summer temperatures can be pretty hoses. To get fit through the heat wave, you should drink a lot. The consumption of watermelons also ensures proper hydration. It is better not to remove the cores. After all, they are full of healthy ingredients.

Help with weight loss

A delicious watermelon on a hot day is a real treat and can help you to survive the summer heat unscathed. Due to the high water content of up to 95 percent, the watermelon is extremely low in calories and refreshing. 100 g of ripe pulp provide less than 40 kilocalories. The fruit is therefore also recommended for people who want to lose weight. What is not known to many: the watermelon seeds should not be removed for health reasons, but eaten with them. However, there is something important to note.

Good thirst quencher

Although watermelons are usually traded as fruit, botanically, like all other melons, they belong to the gourd family.

Watermelons, which are actually a vegetable, are not only good thirst quenchers, but also very healthy.

Valuable ingredients include provitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium.

What is not known to many: there are also numerous healthy substances in the kernels.

Full of healthy ingredients

Nowadays seedless or seedless watermelons are often offered. However, this steals healthy ingredients from the vegetables.

Because watermelon kernels contain vitamins A, B and C, among other things. They also contain valuable minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

But that's not all: the kernels also contain fiber, which helps stimulate digestion.

Chew the kernels thoroughly

However, it is important to chew the watermelon seeds thoroughly, otherwise they can cause intestinal inflammation.

In addition, the useful nutrients are not released if the kernels remain unchewed.

If you prefer not to chew the kernels, but also do not want to forego the health benefits, you can crush them, for example, with a mortar and add them in powder form to other dishes such as a cereal or make a tea from them.

There is also the option of roasting watermelon seeds and sprinkling them over a delicious salad. (ad)

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