Plum or plum? This keeps the fruit fresh

Plum or plum? This keeps the fruit fresh

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The plum season has started: the white layer keeps the fruit fresh

Plum lovers can be happy: The season of local fruits started a little earlier this year due to the long warming period and is currently picking up speed. The delicious and healthy fruit should only be washed shortly before consumption. Experts explain why this is so and what to look for when buying the fruit.

Full of healthy vitamins and minerals

Plums and plums are not only delicious, they also supply the body with vitamins A and E as well as B and minerals such as iron, magnesium and copper. Since the fruits are rich in fiber, they are often used to stimulate digestion or as a home remedy for constipation. 100 grams of plums have only around 50 calories and are therefore wonderful for a light and conscious diet. Experts have some important tips on what to look for when buying and storing the fruit.

Not all plums are plums

Plum and plum are two different varieties. Both belong to the rose family. This is indicated by the Federal Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations (BVEO) on its "German Fruit and Vegetable" portal.

As the experts explain, the plum is a subspecies of the plum. It is characterized by an elongated oval shape and is slightly smaller than the plum. Depending on the variety, the variety of flavors of the fruit ranges from aromatic and mild to slightly acidic.

The mostly blue-violet fruits have a yellow flesh that easily detaches from the stone. And this is also a distinguishing criterion: the stone is elongated, flat and pointed on both sides.

The plum, on the other hand, is rather rounded and has a pronounced abdominal seam. The stone is also round and bulbous and the flesh is mostly red and tastes extremely sweet.

In terms of color, you can also make a difference: plums are - in addition to dark blue - also available in red, yellow and green.

Fruits do not ripen

According to BVEO, when shopping you should make sure that the plums and plums are not too firm.

Because they belong to the so-called climacteric fruits and do not ripen. A perfectly ripened fruit can be recognized by the fact that the skin of the fruit is plump and gives way under slight finger pressure.

However, people suffering from fructose intolerance should avoid ripe fruits because they contain a lot of fructose.

White layer protects the fruit from drying out

Plums are naturally covered with a whitish layer, which should only be washed off immediately before eating, as it protects the fruit from drying out.

According to the experts, plums and plums stay in the refrigerator for two to three days, depending on the variety, for a maximum of one week.

Stoned fruits can also be frozen. Then the fruity delicacies are stable for up to a year. (ad)

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