Actually small wound: mother is amputated after a small shaving injury

Actually small wound: mother is amputated after a small shaving injury

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Cut when shaving legs - infection leads to amputation

A UK woman had to have a leg amputated because she had cut herself shaving her legs years ago. The cut resulted in an aggressive infection, which could not be stopped completely even after months of medical treatment.

Leg shave with bad consequences

Hair removal is a daily routine for many men and women. If the legs are shaved, skin irritation and redness often occur. Ingrown hair or even a hair root infection can be the result. But shaving your legs can have a far worse impact: According to a media report, a woman from the UK lost a leg after cutting herself at the hair removal.

Wound was getting bigger

According to a report by the online portal "", Tanya Czernozukow from Nottingham in England thought nothing of it when she accidentally cut herself in 2014 while shaving her right leg.

"I've done this a thousand times, so I just put a handkerchief on it and waited for it to stop bleeding," she explained.

And even when the injury became infected and a coin-sized scab formed on the cut, the 43-year-old mother ignored her wound.

But within the next six months, the wound tripled and became a "huge hole".

Czernozukow explained: “Within a few weeks it was green and black from my ankle to my knee. The pain was absolute hell. "

Gangrene from leg ulcer

Over the next 18 months, doctors tried to fight the aggressive infection.

The patient told “”: “I had to take more and more painkillers. It was a constant feeling of thousands of needles that were in me. "

When she was sitting, it was always with her "leg in a plastic bag - there was so much liquid in it, I felt like I was in a horror movie."

Eventually, the pain became so severe that she had to go to the hospital for several days, where the doctors explained that she had an ulcerated leg (leg ulcer) that had developed into gangrene (formerly known as "gangrene").

Poor wound healing in diabetes

She was also diagnosed with diabetes.

Health experts say diabetics are among those with impaired wound healing. With the English woman, too, the body's own healing powers were severely weakened by the diabetes, so that the infection could only spread in this way.

The doctors treated the woman with strong antibiotics.

But even after she was released, she had to return to the clinic again and again, including for a biotherapy in which medical maggots clean the wounds by eating the dead tissue.

However, the painful treatment was unsuccessful: "I screamed in agony for 24 hours."

Patient opted for amputation

In April 2016, doctors at “Nottingham’s Queen's Medical Center” finally suggested that they consider the drastic step of leg removal.

"They said: We don't have to amputate, but the healing could take years if it heals at all, and I just said to them: Yes, take it off. I want it to be gone. "

When she first came to after the operation, she was shocked by her own statements: “There were only inches left of my leg. I was just in shock. It was like waking up in a nightmare. "

After the amputation, Ms. Czernozukow was in the hospital for five months and had to learn to move, sit upright and walk with an assistant or a stick after her discharge.

Now she hopes that she will have a prosthesis in the near future.

The remaining leg is no longer shaved

Her remaining leg no longer has any hair on it: "I no longer shave my other leg. It scares me, ”Czernozukow told

"As strange as it sounds, I don't regret the operation a bit."

According to the information, the infection was stopped by the intervention. The patient is now free of pain and is preparing to continue with her life.

"I want to go back to work. I think I'm almost there mentally. That is the next step in my life. "(Ad)

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