Scientists present new trend drink for healthy eating

How a nutritional concept should help in crisis situations

A team of experts from the fields of nutritional science, dietology, physiotherapy, social work and psychology has developed a nutritional concept that should help people in difficult life situations. Part of this concept is a newly developed trend drink. The focus is particularly on disadvantaged young people who are neither in training, work nor training. This group is particularly often affected by a generally poor diet.

The mixed team of researchers from Vienna and St. Pölten wants to ensure greater health equity with its nutritional concept. The concept is divided into different areas. On the one hand, a course and corresponding health days are to provide important basic health information to those affected, and on the other hand, a healthy drink - called "frizz tea" - is to serve as an ambassador. This drink is intended to replace sugary and health-damaging soft and energy drinks, which are very popular among young people, but are often the cause of obesity.

Healthy through competence

The team would like to teach affected adolescents their own health skills. With the help of this competence, they should make self-determined decisions to promote their health in everyday life. According to the experts, such competency includes knowledge, motivation and the ability to find, understand, assess and apply relevant health information. "Personal competence in health issues contributes significantly to the health and health equity of the population," reports the interdisciplinary team in a press release on the project.

Special attention for the disadvantaged

According to the researchers, the group of unemployed and uneducated young people shows particularly disadvantageous health behavior, which is why the project should also give them special attention. "If health offers are designed in a target group-oriented manner and with the involvement of the young people, the young people are very interested in the topic of health," explains Elisabeth Höld, nutritionist at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and head of the project.

Master everyday life independently

With the new approaches, the researchers want to support young people in making everyday decisions to promote their health. According to the experts, the drinking behavior of the adolescents in particular is questionable. This is often characterized by the high consumption of energy drinks and lemonades, which play a major role in lifestyle. As the scientists involved in the project report, a large proportion of disadvantaged young people are affected by overweight and obesity.

Healthy drink as a health ambassador

Together with the young people, the nutrition experts developed the tea-based drink "Frizz tea". This new trend drink should serve as a means of communication with the young people. The label of the drink provides important health information on healthy drinking behavior in target-group-specific language. "The drink uses an element from the living environment of the young people for communication and represents a new approach to convey knowledge to this target group," said the experts.

Young people lay the foundation for future health

"As the foundation for our long-term health is laid in adolescence due to growth and development, this phase of life represents an important phase in supporting health and the prevention of diseases," reports nutritionist Petra Rust.

Pedagogical course at universities

In another part of the project, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences developed a nutrition-specific course for people with basic psychosocial training together with the University of Vienna. In this course, scientifically based nutritional information and a repertoire of methods for the practical implementation of health promotion projects in youth work will be imparted. (vb)

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