Suddenly balding: what to do if hair loss progresses?

Suddenly balding: what to do if hair loss progresses?

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Treat hair loss effectively and permanently

Hair loss is particularly difficult for many men. All kinds of shampoos and supplements are offered to stop hair loss, but not all of them have the desired effect. An expert explains how to help people whose hair loss is well advanced.

Men are affected more often than women

According to experts, people lose an average of 100 hairs every day. If these do not grow again, one speaks of permanent hair loss. The most common forms include circular hair loss (alopecia areata). Men are affected more frequently than women. It is usually difficult or impossible for those affected to stop hair loss. Scientists are therefore constantly on the lookout for new therapies to help with hair loss. However, hair loss can often not be stopped with the latest means. Then a hair transplant can sometimes provide long-term improvement. More and more celebrities are also betting on it.

Many remedies have no effect

Recently, researchers from Japan reported that a specific ingredient in McDonald's fries is said to help reduce hair loss.

And according to scientists from the United States, a new remedy for scalp hair regrowth has proven to be very successful.

Other drugs have been available in pharmacies for a long time. However, these often have enormous side effects and can sometimes even cause years of impotence.

In addition, the various means have no effect on some people affected. Then a hair transplant can be the solution.

Prominent men stand by their hair transplant

Prominent men like Jürgen Klopp, Christian Lindner or Elton John are publicly available for their hair transplant.

But hair loss can be extremely stressful for women, too. As the University Medical Center Freiburg writes in a current message, a hair transplant can help once the hair has fallen out.

Dr. Danuta Sobczak from the Erich Lexer Clinic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Freiburg University Hospital, has many years of experience in this procedure.

The trigger is usually a male sex hormone - even in women

According to the message, in about 95 percent of cases behind hair loss there is an inherently increased sensitivity of the hair roots to the male sex hormone testosterone.

According to the information, this so-called androgenetic alopecia usually begins between the ages of 20 and 40.

At the age of 30, around twelve percent of women suffer from hair loss, and at the age of 70, around 30 to 40 percent.

Stop hair loss in time

If hair loss is not yet well advanced, women can often stimulate hair growth by taking birth control pills or a hair solution.

Men can also counteract with an active ingredient in tablet form. However, dead hair roots cannot be reactivated.

Then, according to the expert, only a hair transplant helps, for example from the back of the head to the forehead area.

“The transplanted hair behaves like normal hair: it is hard-wearing, has the same direction of growth as the existing hair and turns gray naturally with age. Dyeing and perming are also possible, ”says Dr. Sobczak.

“The decisive factor is the personal and individual preliminary examination and advice to the patient by the treating hair surgeon. This is the only way to check the requirements for a hair transplant and to realistically assess the options, ”explains the dermatologist.

Transplant hair microsurgically

"Hair surgery is recognized as an effective treatment for hair loss in men and women and is recommended in the treatment guidelines," explains Dr. Sobczak.

As the message says, hair transplants are performed microsurgery at the Erich Lexer Clinic.

Under local anesthesia, small groups or strips of hair roots are removed from the back of the head, separated under enlargement and transplanted into the smallest suitable channels.

The procedure lasts 2.5 to four hours. The decisive work steps are carried out personally by the doctor, assisted by trained staff. "This way, lasting and natural results can be achieved," says the dermatologist. (ad)

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