Infertility due to new STD: genital mycoplasma is spreading faster and faster

Why is genital mycoplasma spreading?

British experts warn of the spread of a relatively new communicable STD. In the future, this could result in thousands of women becoming sterile every year. The disease can actually be treated with antibiotics, but the venereal disease's resistance to antibiotics continues to increase.

In their latest study, scientists at the National Health Service (NHS) in England found that the communicable venereal disease called genital mycoplasma is developing increasing resistance to antibiotics. If it continues to grow, it could result in thousands of women becoming sterile each year. The doctors published a guide on “NHS Choices” on the subject.

What is genital mycoplasma?

Only a condom actually helps against the communicable venereal disease genital mycoplasma. The disease is sometimes difficult to determine for those affected because it shows no symptoms in some people. Genital Mycoplasma is triggered by the bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium. Mycoplasma genitalium can cause very painful urethritis in men and women. Men can notice this by a strong burning sensation when urinating. In addition, discharge, arthritis and an inflamed pelvis can develop, say the doctors. British experts are now warning of an epidemic if people do not get better information about the disease.

Disease is often treated with wrong doses of antibiotics

The disease is often confused with chlamydia and then treated with wrong doses of antibiotics, the experts say. This leads to the build-up of dangerous antibiotic resistance. This approach to treatment should not be pursued further, because the researchers undoubtedly lead to a public health emergency with the emergence of a new super-pathogen.

Test procedures are not yet available in many practices

Only recently has there been an effective test that can detect infection by the Mycoplasma genitalium bacterium. However, this test procedure is not yet available in many practices. This is a real problem because early diagnosis offers significantly improved treatment options.

Genital mycoplasma leads to infertility in women

The venereal disease is already resistant to some medications. So far, the drug macrolides still works, but unfortunately its effectiveness continues to decrease, the researchers report. If genital mycoplasma is not diagnosed and successfully treated in a timely manner in women, infertility can occur.

The disease must be dealt with more consistently

Health authorities should provide sufficient funds to prevent a new super-pathogen from developing and spreading. Without the means to properly diagnose the disease or the possibility of people coming to clinics for checkups, the infectious disease will never be overcome, the experts say. (as)

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