Not cotton swabs at all: what helps instead against itchy ears

Not cotton swabs at all: what helps instead against itchy ears

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Do not use cotton swabs for itchy ears

It can get really uncomfortable if your ears itch. Nevertheless, cotton swabs should never be used in such cases, health experts advise. Because then there is a risk of ear injuries. The annoying itching can usually be combated with simple home remedies.

If the itching of the ears persists, it is better to consult a doctor

If the ears start to itch suddenly, it can be very uncomfortable. In this case, cotton swabs are often used to stop the itching. But this should definitely be avoided. According to experts, the sticks should not be used to clean the ears or to prevent itching - poking around in the ear can be dangerous and lead to nasty injuries. Rather try to fight the itchy ears with simple home remedies and definitely consult a doctor if problems persist for longer.

Earwax often leads to uncomfortable itching

Itchy ears often appear suddenly and can become an annoying problem. Skin irritation (e.g. through shampoo, hairspray or dry air) or stuck ear wax are usually the trigger.

Likewise, e.g. A skin lichen or neurodermatitis also affects the ear canal or the auricle and can lead to severe itching.

Affected people often use cotton swabs or pointed objects such as pencils, paper clips or knitting needles to eliminate the itching.

But this form of "treatment" is very dangerous, because poking and poking can quickly damage the sensitive skin of the ear canal and the inner ear and cause infections.

Under certain circumstances the pointed instruments can even pierce the eardrum.

Schuessler salts for itching

Accordingly, one should urgently refrain from fiddling with objects. Instead, home remedies and natural remedies can often be a good help.

This includes, for example, vinegar, because it relieves the itching and has a decongestant effect. For the application, boiled water is mixed with a high-quality apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 10: 1 and a piece of cotton wool is soaked with the solution. Use this to carefully dab the ear canal.

In naturopathy, itchy ears, depending on the cause, e.g. Bee resin (propolis), evening primrose oil and medicinal plants such as nasturtium are used.

In mineral therapy with Schüßler salts, among others, the salts No. 3 (Ferrum Phosphoricum) and No. 4 (Potassium chloratum) are administered.

Rinsing at the doctor loosens ear wax plug

If stuck ear wax is the cause, an ear irrigation can help with the doctor.

If the itching persists longer and / or if there are further complaints such as ear pressure, ear pain or fever, a doctor should be consulted.

Because inflammation is often the cause in this case, which must be treated accordingly. If the itching starts again and again in certain situations (e.g. after showering), an allergy test with a dermatologist or allergist is recommended. (no, ad)

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