The supposed "pimple on the butt" turned out to be a deadly infection of carnivorous germs

Necrotizing fasciitis: woman dies from carnivorous bacteria

In the United States, a 50-year-old woman died after being infected with carnivorous bacteria. Her husband believes that she could have been saved if the doctors had diagnosed necrotizing fasciitis earlier. His wife had initially assumed that she only had a painful pimple on her bottom.

Infection with carnivorous bacteria

A woman from Indianapolis, Indiana, died two months after being infected with carnivorous bacteria. The 50-year-old had probably contracted the so-called necrotizing fasciitis during her vacation in Florida. Her husband believes the doctors could have saved her if she had made the correct diagnosis the first time.

Unusual wound on the buttocks

According to a news channel 8 report, Carol Martin and her husband Richard were on a family vacation in Florida.

The man said his wife had spent some time there in the hotel hot tub.

When she came back to Indianapolis, she found an unusual wound.

"She had something like a pimple on her right cheek. She said it was kind of painful, ”said Richard Martin.

Patient sent home with antibiotics

According to a report by the broadcaster "The Indy Channel", the pain became so severe that the 50-year-old went to the doctor.

But: "They sent them home with antibiotics and a heating pad and it got worse," said the husband.

When it became clear that the treatment was not working and the infection was getting worse, Carol returned to St. Francis Hospital a third time, where the doctors finally decided to have a biopsy.

It turned out that she had necrotizing fasciitis.

Died shortly after being released from the hospital

"In the emergency room, they said we're sorry, but they have a carnivorous bacterium, we need to get them to the surgery right away," said Richard Martin.

His wife was operated on twice and spent 16 days in the intensive care unit before doctors let her return home.

But Carol Martin died just a few days after being released.

Her husband is not 100% sure, but assumes that his wife contracted the infection while on vacation in the hotel's hot tub.

Nobody else was infected with the carnivorous bacteria, but his wife was also the only one who used the whirlpool.

Serious bacterial infection

According to the British National Heatlh Service (NHS), necrotizing fasciitis is a rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the tissue under the skin and the surrounding muscles and organs (fascia).

The infectious disease often begins with non-specific symptoms such as local pain and fever.

The affected areas swell within a few days, the skin above the focus of infection becoming bluish-red and then bluish-gray.

"It is sometimes referred to as a" carnivorous disease "even though the bacteria it causes do not" eat "meat - they release toxins that damage nearby tissues," the NHS experts write.

"Necrotizing fasciitis can result from a relatively small injury, such as a small incision, but worsens very quickly and can be life-threatening if it is not recognized and treated early," continued the NHS.

Unfortunately, such infections occur again and again, as another case from the USA showed. There, a few months ago, an eight-year-old was infected with carnivorous bacteria in a bicycle accident and then died. (ad)

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