Serious medical errors: Doctor cut baby's neck at birth

Serious allegations against the British health authority

Currently, a case in the British media is causing a stir in which a doctor accidentally cut a baby's neck during birth. The newborn did not survive the serious wound. The experienced doctor was suspended from duty. Her hearing recently started before a medical tribunal. Media and human rights organizations also make serious allegations against the English health authorities (NHS). The baby's traumatized family took legal action against the NHS for medical negligence.

Dr. Vaishnavy Vilvanathan Laxman has been charged with several serious errors while working at Ninewell's Hospital in Dundee, Scotland. In March 2014, according to British media reports, she was responsible for the fact that a baby died during childbirth. Hearings are currently taking place in front of the Medical Practical Tribunal Service. The doctor is accused of continuing with a natural birth despite complications instead of performing a substantially safe cesarean section. She also failed to give the mother pain-relieving medication. The hearings are expected to continue until June 5, 2018.

Difficult birth

According to British media reports, the child was in a breech, had a low heart rate and a protruding umbilical cord. With these conditions, there is an increased risk that the baby will get caught in it during birth. Nevertheless, the doctor opted for vaginal delivery and thus ignored a number of medical complications that indicate that a caesarean section would have been safer.

Tragic accident

Ultimately, Laxmann is said to have accidentally cut the baby's neck with scissors during birth, which led to the death of the child. The doctor is accused of allegedly not receiving mother's consent for vaginal delivery and making one or more cervical incisions without due care.

NHS is criticized

The National Health Service in the UK was exposed to a constant barrage of criticism based on the case. According to the allegations, cuts, privatizations, incompetence and negligence made a botched birth possible. With growing concerns about funding for the NHS, Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to present a long-term funding plan that includes an increase in resources.

Are the English health authorities overloaded?

The international news agency "Sputnik" reports that many health experts believe that the NHS has an impoverished infrastructure and is largely no longer up to the task. "We saw hospitals completely overloaded, people die in corridors," Sam Fairbairn from the human rights organization "The People’s Assembly" told Sputnik. The government is doing nothing to fix this crisis.

The lawyer of the affected family also criticizes the NHS

The family lawyer said he had negotiated a solution with the NHS, but criticized the health chiefs for taking too long to solve the problem. More than two years later, the prosecutor said that after allegedly weighing the facts and circumstances of the case, there would be no criminal trial or investigation into the fatal accident. (vb)

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