Largest health study in Germany to date to alleviate common diseases

Largest health study in Germany to date to alleviate common diseases

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Huge study looks at cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The dimensions of this study are so far unique for Germany. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) reports on the NAKO health study that started in 2013 and in which 160,000 women and men are already participating. Now the next phase of the project begins, in which the number of participants is to be increased to 200,000 people. The study focuses on major common diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek speaks of an "investment in the health of future generations".

In order not to falsify the significance of the study, potential participants are randomly selected and written to. This gives every citizen a chance to participate in the study to help improve the health of the next generation. Over the next 20 to 30 years, the participants will be given medical care. Habits and circumstances such as sport and the professional environment of the volunteers also play a role.

An investment for the future

According to the BMBF, this long-term data on the health development of numerous people can provide completely new insights. The NAKO health study aims to better identify risk factors for common diseases such as heart attacks and to examine and identify early stages of the disease more closely. The study is intended to help future generations to fall ill less frequently.

Live better and healthier

"The commitment of many people is an investment in the health of future generations and an expression of the cohesion of our society," reports Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek in a press healing by the BMBF. The knowledge gained would help people to live healthier and better lives.

Every participant is examined regularly

All participants are between the ages of 20 and 69. If you agree to the random selection, you will take part in regular surveys in addition to the surveys in order to obtain meaningful results. At their own request, the test subjects can view the results after completing the examination.

New Findings About Dementia

The NAKO study is also intended to provide new insights into dementia diseases such as Alzheimer's. Risk factors and family background, as well as environmental influences and lifestyle, such as alcohol consumption, should also be taken into account. The researchers hope to break through the previously incurable disease.

Costly affair

The health study will be funded over the next ten years by the Federal Ministry of Research, the 13 participating federal states and the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers with a total of 256 million euros. The NAKO website provides information on the current development of the study. (vb)

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