Fish oil supplements do not protect against heart disease

How do omega-3 fatty acids affect heart health?

Fish oil supplements are taken by millions of people every day. These supplements are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so they are supposed to help prevent various heart diseases. Researchers have now found that these popular supplements may not have a positive protective effect against heart disease.

The University of Oxford scientists found in their current study that fish oil supplements appear to be unable to protect against heart disease. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "JAMA".

Focus on a healthy diet

Analysis of ten existing studies found that fish oil supplements in doses ranging from 226 mg to 1800 mg per day did not provide significant protection against vascular events. The study focused on 77,197 older adults who took different forms of fish oil supplements within four years. Sufferers should rather focus on a healthy diet to successfully protect themselves from heart disease rather than continuing to take fish oil supplements, study author Professor Robert Clarke of the internationally renowned University of Oxford advises in a press release.

Make sure you have enough fruits and vegetables in your diet

Millions of people are taking supplements, but the results of the study show that the ingestion has no effective benefit in preventing heart disease, the expert emphasizes. Better buy fresh fruits and vegetables to improve your health, the doctor continued. A healthy diet has more of an impact on the development of heart disease than taking fish oil supplements.

Fish-eating people live healthier

Eating fish leads to health benefits for the heart. In addition, fish-eating people are likely to live healthier lives because they eat less meat. The new findings, based on high-quality research and publications, suggest that taking fish oil supplements could be a waste of time and money, the scientists say.

How do I avoid heart disease?

People should eat a healthy, balanced diet. This should contain fish and only small amounts of red meat should be consumed. Eat lots of vegetables, drink as little alcohol as possible, refrain from smoking and exercise regularly or exercise to protect yourself from heart diseases, the study authors recommended.

Fish oil can cause bruising

A major problem with fish oil supplements is that fish oil can increase the likelihood of bruising, doctors say. Fish oil is one of the most commonly used food supplements in the world. Many people hope to be able to protect their cardiovascular health by taking it. So far, there have been various statements from experts that taking omega-3 fatty acids helps improve heart health. However, it was found that these fatty acids lower the triglyceride level and high concentrations of these blood lipids increase the risk of heart disease, the study authors concluded. (as)

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