Crohn's disease: when our own immune system attacks the intestine

Crohn's disease - a severe bowel disorder

Almost half a million people in Germany suffer from chronic bowel inflammation - and the trend is rising. The chronic inflammation that occurs in episodes primarily affects the intestinal walls, which become highly inflamed. People with Crohn's disease are often unable to live a normal life due to symptoms such as unbearable abdominal pain, constant illness, fever and diarrhea. It is not uncommon for parts of the intestine to be removed piece by piece in the advanced stage of Crohn's disease.

As with many chronic diseases for which conventional medicine does not have satisfactory solutions, newly adapted naturopathic treatments can help.

According to Chinese medicine, for example, Crohn's disease produces inflammation in the wrong place. Such flare-ups can be triggered by stress, psychological stress or malnutrition. "However, it has to be precisely analyzed at the beginning when the 'bad' development started and why it led to the inflammation spurts in the digestive tract," says Dr. Christian Schmincke, chief physician of the Chinese medicine clinic at the Steigerwald.

For this purpose, the knowledge of the patient is used as an "expert in himself" for the treatment. The Chinese diagnosis not infrequently shows that patients with chronic intestinal inflammation usually no longer have productive respiratory infections a few years before their illness. Productive means that the infection lasts between 1 and 2 weeks and goes through a mucus phase with yellow-green mucus with subsequent regeneration. If the infections cannot be brought to a good end within this time window, an unspecific inflammatory potential gradually builds up that leads to chronic intestinal inflammation.

The alternative treatment for chronic intestinal inflammation essentially consists in gradually returning the organism to the onset of the immune disorder. He is enabled to correct the immune behavior and to practice again.

The patient is empowered to show a new self-assertion and demarcation behavior in the social environment and to realign his tension in psychosocial contact. The most important alternative treatment method for Crohn's disease is therapy with Chinese medicines.

The Chinese medicinal plant recipes in the alternative treatment primarily have the task of helping the organism to direct the inflammatory pressure from the intestinal mucosa back onto the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. "This is a very complex and complex therapy process that can take up to 2 years," explains Dr. Schmincke. But it is worth it: "Documentation shows that 75 percent of the patients experience a significant improvement, often with simultaneous reduction or complete discontinuation of medication." (Sb, pm)

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