Health: psoriasis often with severe comorbidities

Health: psoriasis often with severe comorbidities

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Hypertension, diabetes, depression: psoriasis often with concomitant diseases

Around two million people in Germany suffer from psoriasis. The chronic skin disease is often accompanied by concomitant diseases. It is therefore important not to limit your treatment to psoriasis alone. Experts explain what can help those affected.

Two million Germans suffer from psoriasis

Around two million people in Germany suffer from psoriasis. This is one of the chronic inflammatory diseases of the whole body and is not a skin disease alone. According to health experts, around one in five patients also suffer from joint problems such as swelling in the toes, fingers, knees or spine. In addition, psoriasis is often accompanied by severe comorbidities. It is therefore important not to limit your treatment to psoriasis alone.

Patients usually have at least one other illness

Since psoriasis often has comorbidities in addition to itching, red skin and white-silvery scales, the Barmer health insurance advises you to regularly check your general health in addition to the proper treatment of your skin.

"Anyone who has psoriasis usually has at least one other illness, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint disease or depression," explains Dr. Utta Petzold, dermatologist at Barmer, in a message.

"It is therefore important to regularly check the corresponding values," said the expert.

Psoriasis doubles the risk of diabetes

“Psoriasis is now considered a chronic inflammatory disease in which the skin changes are only one aspect. It affects the immune system, ”says Petzold.

The risk of a psoriasis patient for type 2 diabetes is about twice as high as that of the general population.

Depression also occurs about twice as often in people with psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease even 3.5 times as often.

Complications such as a heart attack are also more than twice as common.

"In order to counter the health risks of psoriasis, early diagnosis of accompanying diseases is important," said Petzold.

Moisturizing products and relaxation techniques can help

Those who suffer from skin changes are mainly treated with horn-releasing and anti-inflammatory creams, ointments or medical oil baths. Depending on the type, light therapy with or without UV radiation is also used.

“Regular skin treatment with lipid-replenishing products is important for psoriasis. You should also only take a lukewarm shower and dab yourself afterwards, ”advises Petzold.

Medicines in the form of tablets or syringes that reduce the activity of the immune system not only worked on the skin, but also against inflammation, for example on affected joints.

In naturopathy there are other treatment options for psoriasis that cause little or no side effects.

In addition to bath therapies with sulfur-containing natural fango and volcanic water or salt from the Dead Sea, self-urine therapy is also worth mentioning here.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), homeopathy, nutritional therapy and acupuncture procedures can also help many sufferers.

In addition, many patients with psoriasis benefit from relaxation techniques such as yoga. Stress should be avoided. (ad)

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