Endurance: Stay young longer with this sport

Endurance: Stay young longer with this sport

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Endurance training promotes heart health and rejuvenates the cells

Various scientific studies have already confirmed that you can stay fit and healthy through old age through sport. Endurance training is particularly recommended here. It is not only good for heart health, but also rejuvenates the cells, as a study by the Hannover Medical School (MHH) shows.

Older people are much fitter today than they used to be

On average, seniors are more fit than ever before. A major reason for this is that it has become popular among older people to exercise regularly. Studies show that physical fitness keeps the heart and brain young. Exercise is a way to stay younger than you are. Endurance sports seem to be particularly good for this, as a new study shows.

Endurance sports also promote well-being

A moderate, personalized endurance sports program over six months leads to an improvement in parameters of cardiovascular function, especially blood vessel elasticity and diastolic blood pressure, in women with predominantly sedentary work.

In addition, the progression of the metabolic syndrome is prevented, the general well-being is promoted and the ability to work is improved.

This is shown by a current study by the Hannover Medical School (MHH), which was presented at the 84th annual conference of the German Society for Cardiology (DGK) in Mannheim.

Women with poor physical fitness in particular benefited

The study was carried out with the support of the Cluster of Excellence REBIRTH and the German Heart Research Foundation.

"Regarding cell rejuvenation, women with poor physical fitness in particular have benefited from moderate endurance training," said Dr. Dominik Berliner, Clinic for Cardiology and Angiology, MHH, according to a message.

"For cell rejuvenation in women with better initial fitness, more intensive endurance training may be necessary."

Biological age

The multidisciplinary randomized study included 291 employees from the Hannover Medical School aged 45 to 65, all participants were non-smokers and had a predominantly sedentary job.

Participants who completed an endurance sports program of 210 minutes per week for six months were compared with a control group that remained inactive.

As the primary endpoint of the "Rebirth active women" study, the change in telomere length after six months was examined.

The telomer length is determined from mononuclear cells from the blood using real-time PCR and is considered a marker of cell age or biological age.

Secondary endpoints of the study were changes in the maximum oxygen intake, cardiovascular parameters, and parameters of the metabolic syndrome, general well-being and work ability.

Six-month endurance sports program

The endurance sports program included a six-month program tailored individually by sports doctors.

"Overall, the program group's adherence to the program was very good," reports Dr. Donut.

On average, 207 ± 17 minutes of training was done per week. Compared to the control group, the training group improved significantly in terms of maximum oxygen intake, pulse wave speed, work ability and metabolic syndrome.

"There was also a significant increase in telomere length in the sports group, while no relevant change was detectable in the control group," said Dr. Donut.

"When the subjects were classified according to their fitness status, there was a strong effect of the telomere length increase in subjects with poor initial fitness, while the training effects on the telomere length were not seen in this intensity in subjects with better initial fitness." (Ad)

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