Be careful when opening: the coffee can can become a violent bullet

Illy starts recall campaign for dangerous packaging: health hazard

The consumer protection portal from the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety warns of dangerous coffee packaging. The well-known company illycaffè, which primarily sells high-quality coffee products and coffee machines, is launching a nationwide recall campaign due to the lack of a vent valve for products with whole beans that are sold in a 250 gram can.

When opening the can, there is a health risk due to the risk of injury, since the metal lid can come off uncontrollably and suddenly. Some non-compliant 250 gram cans of whole bean coffee and the best before date between October 2019 and February 2020 are affected. In particular, the company names medium and dark roast, decaffeinated, monoarabica Brazil and Arabica Selection Guatemala as affected varieties.

Missing vent valve

The manufacturer asks its customers to check the bottom of the coffee cans. If there is no vent valve there, it is a faulty can. Take special care if the can has already bulged. Customers who have purchased a faulty can can return it unopened.

Content harmless

The manufacturer emphasizes that the quality of the product is of the usual quality. Only the faulty packaging and the associated health risks when opening are to be criticized. Illycaffè asks the customers concerned to contact the company's customer service to arrange collection and exchange of the product. (vb)

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