Losing weight: So-called Cinderella diets damage health

Losing weight: So-called Cinderella diets damage health

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Losing weight with health risk: We strongly advise against the "Cinderella diet"

In many cases, new methods of losing weight come from the USA. Some of them can be very unhealthy. But hardly any other diet variant can harm health as badly as the so-called “Cinderella Diet”, which has spread from Japan to the world in recent weeks.

New weight loss method can be dangerous

Some want to do something for their figure, others focus on health reasons: diets are trendy. Some people who want to lose weight try this with sometimes extreme methods. And there are truly a lot of them and always new ones. Probably the most current "diet" comes from Japan and is named after a fairy tale character: the "Cinderella diet". Experts warn: This method can be extremely harmful to health.

Figure of a princess

The “Cinderella Diet” originated in Japan, from where it has spread via Twitter and other social networks worldwide in the past few weeks.

It's about reaching the figure of a princess. This means a body mass index (BMI) of under 18.

Health experts like the World Health Organization (WHO) classify such a low value as being underweight and therefore harmful to health.

Apparent ideal weight is unhealthy

The supporters of this method even spread a formula that should help them achieve the target figure:

Height in meters x height in meters x 18.

According to this, the “ideal weight” for a woman, for example, who is 1.60 meters tall, would be around 46 kilograms - well below the level that is considered healthy.

Many consider the new method a bad idea

While the new trend is spreading like wildfire, luckily most people seem to think it's a bad idea.

And these people are right, says New York nutritionist Gina Keatley. "This is not a diet, but an unrealistic height / weight target that can harm your health," she said, according to a report by Cosmopolitan magazine.

"Being underweight is just as bad as being overweight," said the expert.

Dangerous side effects

With a BMI of less than 18 years, not only is the cardiovascular system stressed, but the immune system is also weakened, which makes you more susceptible to diseases.

In addition, the hormonal balance is disturbed. The production of too little estrogen could lead to osteoporosis and reproductive problems, explained diet expert and book author Beth Warren.

And also to exhaustion, she added.

Outdated notion of beauty

Nutritionist Jessica Cording, who lives in New York, said that being underweight also affects mental and emotional health. You cannot believe that such a trend actually exists.

This “diet” spreads the concept that “thin is better,” said Keatley, who also pointed out that Disney princesses come in all sizes, shapes, and colors these days, and that these characters represent the true value of beauty: determination , Courage, grace and independence.

This is much better than starving and opting for an unrealistic and outdated idea of ​​beauty. (ad)

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