OLG Düsseldorf stopped cannabis cultivation for medicine

Medicinal hemp cultivation in Germany continues to be delayed
Yesterday, the awarding court of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court dealt with four lawsuits against the award procedure for the cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany. The companies sued the terms and conditions they were faced with in the "Procedure for Awarding the Cultivation, Processing, Storage, Packaging and Delivery of Medicinal Cannabis".

The complaint was made against various aspects of the tender: against the required experience in the cultivation of medicinal hemp and the too short deadlines in the search for a suitable foreign partner, questionable declarations of commitment by foreign companies, incorrect reference evaluations by foreign companies and the lack of transparency in the award criteria.

Now the Higher Regional Court decided that three of the complaints had been dismissed, but the OLG gave the plaintiffs the right to complain about the short deadlines. The court therefore prohibits the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) from awarding the supplements to the applicants. According to the BfArM, this means a complete restart of the award procedure.

For cannabis patients who suffer from the lack of supplies due to the dependence on imports, the waiting for cannabis made in Germany continues.

"A success for disadvantaged companies, for patients suffering from the supply shortage, the extension of an avoidable posse", said DHV Managing Director Georg Wurth after the verdicts of the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court.

“The German Hanfverband criticized the award procedure because of the criteria that can hardly be met from the start as discrimination against German companies. The next award procedure should therefore be fairer, ”Wurth continued. (sb, pm)

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