Health: What helps against sleep disorders after the time change?

Changing the time to summer time causes health problems

Every six months it happens again: the time change is just around the corner. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the clocks are switched to summer time. This messes up our sleep rhythm and causes sleep disorders for many people. You should not resort to medication too quickly. There are also natural aids.

Changing the time is a health burden

This weekend it is time again: the time change is coming. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the clocks are set from two to three o'clock. That means one hour less sleep. Many people will find it difficult to get up again at first. It is much darker in the morning when the alarm clock rings early and the body does not want to get going properly. The time change affects health and causes sleep disorders. The latter should not be treated prematurely with medication. Natural remedies can also help.

Many people use sleeping pills

The time change is particularly stressful for children and adolescents. But the negative effects of summer time are also noticeable in many adults.

In the first days after the change, symptoms such as headaches, poor concentration, dizziness, tiredness and sleep disorders become apparent.

According to surveys, many people in Germany swallow medication to cope better with the time change. Health experts, however, do not recommend this.

Natural methods for a better sleep

According to doctors, a good alternative for a healthy sleep is to slowly get the body used to the new rhythm and it is best to go to bed a little earlier.

A light dinner, relaxing baths, walks and less TV and computers before bed also help you sleep better.

The right dose of light at the right time can also help reduce fatigue.

According to German researchers, such a light therapy can act like a drug.

Home remedies and relaxation techniques

Other tips to avoid sleep disorders: Avoid late meals, coffee, nicotine, alcohol and intensive sports in the evening.

Various home remedies for sleep disorders are also useful. A calming tea made from passion flower or chamomile, for example, has proven its worth to relieve tension.

Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation can also be effective. (ad)

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