Health: How effective can protein ice cream be?

Protein ice cream: Extra portion of protein in ice cream
Whether protein bread or protein muesli - products with a high protein content are currently the trend and appeal primarily to fitness-conscious consumers. For example, there are protein ice cream in some supermarkets, gyms and even in online retail.

But what does "high protein content" mean? According to the EU regulation on nutritional and health-related information in food (health claims regulation), this information is only permitted if at least 20 percent of the total calorie content is accounted for by the calorie content of the protein portion. 1 g of protein provides approx. 4 calories. It is therefore a calculation task to determine how much protein this ice cream must contain. Often there is much more to it than the regulation provides. For example, depending on the recipe, a 180 ml portion beaker contains approx. 18 g protein.

That is about five times as much as in a comparable conventional product. The main ingredients are usually skimmed milk and whey protein concentrate, which is obtained from whey. The latter ensures the high protein content. Instead of sugar, the sugar substitute xylitol is sometimes used.

Although it has 40 percent fewer calories than table sugar and is anticariogenic, excessive consumption of xylitol can have a laxative effect. Protein ice cream often contains less fat and fewer calories, but this ice cream also often cannot do without additives such as emulsifiers or stabilizers.

Healthy people do not need an extra portion of protein because they usually consume a sufficient amount of food. If you consume too much of this nutrient permanently, you can also damage your kidneys. Apart from that, you pay significantly more money for protein-enriched products.
Hedda Thielking, resp

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