How walnuts protect health

Regular walnut consumption lowers negative cholesterol

Regular consumption of walnuts can improve cholesterol levels, regardless of the absence of other foods, according to a new study by the University of Munich clinic. Scientifically proven that natural walnuts have a positive effect on fat metabolism. Nutritionists have now investigated whether the positive effect depends on what else patients omit from their diet when consuming walnuts. But this doesn't seem to matter.

The results of the prospective, randomized walnut study confirm the positive health effects of walnuts: 43 grams of tree nuts per day improve fat metabolism, have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol by around five percent. Regardless of whether you omit fats or carbohydrates in your diet instead of walnuts. The results were recently published in the journal "Nutrients".

Solely the nut consumption counts

In the study, the scientists were able to prove that nut consumption alone is the decisive factor for the positive effect on cholesterol levels. The team looked after around 200 healthy men and women, aged 63 on average. The subjects (all non-smokers) were divided into three groups who consumed 43 grams of walnuts every day for a period of eight weeks.

Different nutrition - same effect

One group should avoid carbohydrates, a second group was advised not to eat fats, and the third group did a combination of both. In the eight-week period, there were also no nuts for a control group in order to have a comparative value. The research team found that whether you reduce fats or carbohydrates while eating a handful of walnuts every day, it makes no difference in terms of improving cholesterol.

Walnut consumption - no matter when and where

In a second approach, the team looked for possible differences, whether the nuts are consumed with the main meal (for example, as part of a salad) or as a snack. Here, too, there was no difference in fat metabolism.

Walnut effects on the intestinal flora

According to the scientists, regular consumption of walnuts led to more probiotic and butyric acid-producing bacteria in the stool. "It is known that the composition of the intestinal flora has an impact on human health," explains Prof. Dr. Parhofer, senior physician in the medical clinic and polyclinic IV at the clinic of the University of Munich in a press release on the study results. We also know that nutrition can influence the microbiome. The study shows that regular walnut consumption promotes bacteria that are associated with less obesity and less diabetes.

Other positive aspects of walnut

Walnuts are high in energy and very healthy, also because they contain many antioxidants, among other things. In addition, walnuts help you lose weight due to the appetite control by activating certain brain regions. All in all, one can say: the walnut convinces with its fine aroma and health benefits. (vb)

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