How good is the hearing of the Germans?

How good is the hearing of the Germans?

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Healthy Hearing Index analyzes German hearing

"Young people in particular like to listen to loud music and can damage their ears," emphasizes Dr. Christian Graf, Head of Prevention at Barmer Krankenkasse, in a current press release on the first results of the "Healthy Hearing Index". The index was initiated by Barmer together with Mimi Hearing Technologies.

The first evaluations of the "Healthy Hearing Index" will be presented on March 3 on the occasion of "World Hearing Day". "The index should raise awareness of the topic for a good reason"; so Dr. Count Because "the number of young people with hearing problems is growing rapidly," confirms Prof. Dr. Birgit Mazurek, CEO of the German Tinnitus Foundation Charité, in a press release from Barmer.

Nationwide average determined

To create the index, statistical data was collected and evaluated using the "Mimi hearing test" and "Mimi Music" apps. A nationwide average was determined for each age group. The two apps are used to adapt the music playback on the smartphone to individual strengths and weaknesses of the hearing.

Regional differences in hearing

According to the Barmer report, the evaluation of the data showed clear differences in hearing ability depending on the region. For example, people in Oldenburg would perceive sounds, music and conversations about five decibels better than in Rostock. When comparing the federal states, the people in Schleswig-Holstein showed the best hearing and in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the hearing was worst. However, the fluctuations in hearing by a few decibels are not yet cause for panic, emphasizes Dr. Count

Mindful hearing is required

It is particularly important to sensitize young people to hearing, says Dr. Count on. "We support the 'World Hearing Day' because hearing protection is one of our central tasks," adds Prof. Mazurek. The aim is to reach as many people as possible and to encourage them to be more careful with their own hearing. The ear forms a complex organ and contains some of our most sensitive sensory cells that need to be protected.

However, the scientists also have good news. The first evaluation of the Healthy Hearing Index shows that Germany has a better international hearing performance than many other countries in Europe. Given the growing hearing impairment in adolescents, however, this is little consolation. (fp)

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